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pro tip: in a zombie apocalypse, your first stop shouldn’t be a guns shop, it should be a hardware store. not only are they stocked with enough caustic materials and sharp weaponry to make your head spin, they usually also have camping and survival gear as well as food. and most are windowless and e...
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it’s okay hs fandom, just let it all out.  there’s no right or wrong way to grieve. 
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My 8 year old brother that if this post gets “4,099” notes then he’ll go to NY Comicon with me as little Dave and Bro Strider. And he’ll read Homestuck. Guys I really want him to go with me.
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i just made an agreement with my sister that if this post can get 2,000 notes before February 7th, then she will read ALL OF HOMESTUCK.  Please help, i really would love it for her to read homestuck!! (she can become one of us guys, lets do this!)
Someone help me.
My mom is kicking me out of the house because I believe in gay marriage, and I have nowhere to go. If anyone lives in the Baton Rouge (Louisiana) area, I would really appreciate a place to stay for a while. Even if you don’t, please reblog this in case one of your followers lives close to me. ...
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