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I promise to remember Feferi When a princess sits upon her throne, And I promise to remember Eridan Whenever I’m all alone. I promise to remember Gamzee When the messiahs come along, And I promise to remember Equius When I am feeling strong. I promise to remember Vriska Whenever I roll the dic...
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Tips for reading Homestuck:
Ignore the fandom until you are up to date Ignore the bullshit parts of the fandom when you are up to date Always read the pesterlogs or you won’t understand jack shit It’s a webcomic that’s over 5 thousand pages long, be patient and read it at your own pace It’s okay if you ...
We are starting to update these lists again!  You know the drill: Reblog this if you roleplay a Homestuck TROLL ! If you roleplay a Human click here!! 
what if when Homestuck: The Game is developed and everyone who donated gets their copy, when they open it up it’s just this
Homestuck Holidays
So, my friend was like “If there’s Valentine’s Day for Matesprits, then there should be three other holidays for the other quadrants.” Here’s the proposed plan: Febuary 14 (Matespritstag) Celebrated as Valentine’s Day, with Matesprits acting like Matesprits. May 1...
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oh my  god this update is perfect
The Kingdom Hearts fandom resurges, practically overtaking Animal Crossing and Pokemon in the middle of their revivals. “Our power is as old as time” they state “what is now yours was once, and always will be, ours.” Then comes a rumble. From the distance they begin to hear a...
oh my fuckin god i just realized this thing about the kids’ lands so john is all chipper and bright, but he has a land of darkness rose is all pensive and dark, but she has a land of light jade thinks of herself as warm and friendly and has a land of snow dave thinks hes cool and has a land fi...
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You want to know how to make the “Gamzee never dies” theory more terrifying? Equius calls one of the Aradiabots #100502. There are at least one hundred thousand ways the SGRUB timeline got fucked up, and not ONCE did Gamzee die as a result.
homestuck update Homestuck update upd8 homestuck upd8
dear homestuck fandom,
y’all mothafuckas need jesus.
Homestuck Kickstarter Rewards Giveaway
  I got all the paks. Aaaaaaaall of them. And, to be honest, I don’t need all of this stuff, so I figured I might as well give it away. I’ve divided the giveaway loot into 12 minipaks; you can see them and their contents in more detail here. Eligibility requirements: You must be willing ...
the moment when you realize homestuck hasn’t ended the moment when you realize  that there won’t be update for the next few months
homestuck update Homestuck update upd8 homestuck upd8
I’ve seen worse