• homophobia is wrong •
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Welcome to Tumblr, where you can fit in and be accepted unless you’re white or white and straight or white and straight and feel comfortable in your birth gender
bromance IS homophobia
1) Bromances are based on mocking and rejecting queerness — The entire joke about the SethRogen-JamesFranco bromances of the world is that they’re parodies of queerness. Literally, the humor is about making queerness the butt of the joke (so to speak). It’s funny when straight dude...
By Mark Joseph Stern - On Tuesday, the Kansas House of Representativesoverwhelmingly approved a measure designed to bring anti-gay segregation—under the guise of “religious liber...
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things straight girls need to stop doing referring to platonic female friends as their “girlfriends” saying the words “dyke” or “lesbo” "marrying" their female friends on facebook as a joke assuming every lesbian/bi/pan girl is attracted to her saying that theyre ...
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i just want queer people to fucking invade every fucking piece of media i want conservative parents fucking squirming as their kids realise that queer people fucking exist i want the radio to be full of songs which we can relate to and cishet people can’t i want tonnes of young adult books for...
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Jalex no hate
Homophobia is still alive and well.
I’m sure many of you are aware that Rowan Blanchard (from Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World) came out as Queer a few days ago. I know that there are many people in the Queer community that have mixed feelings about how she has chosen to identify. Whether or not you agree with term she used, right no...
having a gay otp doesn’t make you a lgbtq+ supporterreading a lot of gay fan fiction doesn’t make you a lgbtq+ supporteri once knew a girl who spent most of her free time reading gay smut, but she was extremely uncomfortable any time she had to interact with a lesbian because she was afraid they’d h...
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