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Horoscope - Feb 23 2015
Aries Horoscope(Mar 21 – Apr 19)Your career goals are on your mind today as you process your fears that previously held you back. No matter how much resistance arises from your subconscious, facing your shortcomings is inescapable now. You might try to keep the big picture in mind as you attempt to ...
  • Aries:Now is a lucky time for you– take a chance.
  • Taurus:You are a fun-loving person and will find much happiness.
  • Gemini:You will soon be the center of attention.
  • Cancer:Chances of glamour and excitement are coming to you.
  • Leo:A fascinating project is in your future.
  • Virgo:You are humorous and cheerful with good friends.
  • Libra:Treat yourself to something of quality.
  • Scorpio:You will find comfort in a new relationship.
  • ...
your fuckin horoscope
Aries - Selfish Prick Taurus - Stubborn Asshole Gemini - Annoying Attention-Whore Cancer - Moody Jerk Leo - Egotistical Douchebag Virgo - Neurotic Bitch Libra - Flaky Derelict Scorpio - Obsessive Twat Sagittarius - Awkward Fucktard Capricorn -Greedy Emo Aquarius - Perverted Psychopath Pisces - Whiny...
Horoscope - Mar 22 2015
Aries Horoscope(Mar 21 – Apr 19)You are determined to persuade others to join your cause today, but your rationalizations may be more about convincing yourself than anyone else. Consider what you could be taking for granted before announcing your intentions to the world. You might need to change you...
watercolor horoscope
ARIES: start a new adventure, no matter how big or small. you are walking towards a fresh start. eat your birthday cake with no regrets. TA...
the signs as untranslatable words
Aries: Mamihlapinatapei, Yagan (indigenous language of Tierra del Fuego) - “The wordless, yet meaningful look shared by two people who both desire to initiate something but are both reluctant to start.”Taurus: Saudade, Portuguese - “the feeling of longing for something or someone that you love and w...
ARIES: eat frozen yogurt and take not-so-shitty Polaroids because these memories mean more than you’ll ever know. you are unique. go o...
  • The "it" squad:taurus, sagittarius, capricorn
  • The "me" squad:pisces, libra, scorpio
  • The "you" squad:aries, aquarius, leo
  • The "everything" squad:gemini, cancer, virgo
  • aquarius:F.U.N.
  • pisces:chocolate with nuts
  • aries:graveyard shift
  • taurus:band geeks
  • gemini:ripped pants
  • cancer:krusty krab training video
  • leo:the camping episode
  • virgo:dying for pie
  • ...
  • aries:sword art online
  • taurus:attack on titan
  • gemini:madoka magica
  • cancer:sailor moon crystal
  • leo:death note
  • virgo:kill la kill
  • libra:hetalia
  • scorpio:homestuck
  • ...
Horoscope - June 4 2015
Aries Horoscope(Mar 21 – Apr 19)You might believe you are being personally attacked if a coworker confronts you about your work today. However, there’s no reason to automatically compromise your position by modifying your views to accommodate others. Although someone else may not share your pe...
the signs as shakespearean archetypes
aries: the honorable but temperamental soldier (hotspur, coriolanus, pericles) taurus: the sassy servant (mariah, mistress quickly, paulina) gemini: the impish but omniscient jester (feste, puck, lear’s fool) cancer: the puppyish lover boy (romeo, orlando, valentine) leo: the wronged but extreme...
  • Aries:Great at helping people with issues.
  • Taurus:They're generous and dependable.
  • Gemini:They have an amazing creative and imaginative brain.
  • Cancer:their style is always adorable
  • Leo:their affectionate side, one they dont show to everyone, is incredibly charming.
  • Virgo:their humor
  • Libra:they're extremely poetic
  • Scorpio:their ability to go from 0-100
  • ...
march horoscopes, 2015
aries- remember, sobriety is not just from chemicals. sometimes we need to get sober from peopletaurus- they say home is where the heart is and the bar downtown is not your homegemini- there’s someone waiting for you to stop dressing in secretscancer- it’s okay to say “we can try a...
Horoscope - June 13 2015
Aries Horoscope(Mar 21 – Apr 19)You are dangerously close to reaching your boiling point today and may struggle to keep a lid on your volatile emotions. Militant Mars is your ruling planet, tuning you into trouble before it even happens. Although the warrior planet is combining forces with the willf...
  • aries:Is mayonnaise an instrument?
  • taurus:I guess you're gonna miss the.......panty raid
  • gemini:FIRMLY GRASP IT
  • cancer:We've been smeckledorfed!
  • leo:Who you callin' pinhead?
  • virgo:That smell, a kind of smelly smell, the smelly smell that smells...smelly.
  • libra:Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen, he was #1!
  • scorpio:MY LEG
  • ...
Screaming Internally: Capricorn, Taurus, Pisces, LibraScreaming Externally: Aries, Leo, Cancer, ScorpioScreaming Eternally: Virgo, Gemini, Aquarius, Sagittarius
Horoscope - April 27 2015
Aries Horoscope(Mar 21 – Apr 19)It’s prudent to look before you leap while the dramatic Leo Moon amplifies your tendency to act spontaneously. Your sharp instincts usually steer you well, but an irrepressible desire to express your independence might lead you astray today. If a friend or cowor...