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The folks over at transhousingnetwork asked me to write something about how to be a good roommmate to someone living with HIV, so I did! As has previously been noted on this blog, I am a trans woman who has been living with HIV/AIDS for eight years, which puts me somewhere between “treatment ...
Heineken designed a beer bottle that doubled as a brick to address housing and recycling challenges ...
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trans POC needing a place to stay in the Los Angeles area
hey everyone!! i know i made a post a few months ago about this very issue, but im afraid the leads i found at that time arent working out for me @___@ im 20 and trying to leave home because i live with my parents and things are really rocky. i cant be out to them as an lgbt person, and aside from t...
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In San Francisco, a family would need 4.7 full-time minimum-wage jobs to afford a two-bedroom apartment.
Emergency housing for my cat.
I’m getting evicted on Monday. I have no money to my name right now. My parents will not help me. I was unaware this was coming because my roommate kept me in the dark that he wasn’t paying rent. He stole my money. He also split and left me here.  I have a cat. There are no shelters in ...
Applying to College as a Non Binary Trans Person
This fall I’ve tried to learn what I can about safe and welcoming colleges for non-binary trans students. Some of the information below is incomplete and anecdotal so please check everything for yourself, too, as you start to apply for colleges.  [if it is difficult for you to read this informatio...
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