• how to train your dragon •
let your child be goofy and silly and make messes. teach them to clean up the messes without yelling at them. let your child be a child. not a mini adult who has to be perfect 24/7
cosplay cullen armor dragon age Inquisition cullen cosplay
mental health awareness creatrs postitforward one year of pif
Fanart Sketch doodle ladybug Miraculous Ladybug Marinette Cheng adrien agreste adrinette ok but how do you expect me to wait a year for season two? hoW!?!?! julerose rose ml juleka ml felix ml chat nori DUMMP
Morrigan dragon age my arts Dragon Age Origins zevran arainai Tabris long post / sorry! riona tabris otp: rome was also built on ruins anyway i've actually wanted to do sth with this banter for like a zillion months now sorry about my handwriting i couldn't find font that worked
My art dai dragon age cassandra pentaghast inoctavo thank you for the request and the kind words <3 sorry it took so long to work requests finals are around the corner and I've been swamped with projects ;-;
Beautiful dogs they’re not bad unless you train them t...
How to study when you’re tired (or lazy)
1. Firstly, make sure you don’t study in bed! Being in bed will make you feel more like having a little lie down!2. Make sure you put on clothes (proper clothes, not pyjamas) and also shoes. This will make you feel more like you’re doing something with your day, and wearing jeans and shoes will make...
i like to imagine that clark kent’s search history is mostly normal but then there’s stuff like “improved superman costume concept art” because he wanted ideas
life iphone new york city subway times square train station 42nd street adrii
My art dragon age i think about this a lot dragon age inquisition Solas dread wolf fen'harel
shibari kinbaku chest harness shibari tutorial kinbaku tutorial shibari how to beginner bondage fwtutorial kinbaku guide bondage harness shibari guide kinbaku how to how to bondage harness bondage harness guide shibari 101 beginner shibari bondage 101 beginner kinbaku bondage infographic shibari infographic step by step shibari
dragon ball Z dragon ball Shenron Son Goku songoku dragon ball manga dragon ball super
1k * carl grimes hershelgreene andreaharrisn
How you feel when your teacher licks the paper before giving...
How to maintain a relationship
Fairy Tail august Natsu Dragneel Lucy Heartfilia Erza Scarlet Cana Alberona Gajeel Redfox Levy McGarden Jellal Fernandes mavis vermilion yukino aguria sting eucliffe Hibiki Lates ftspoilers kagura mikazuchi Rouge Cheney jenny realight ren akatsuki eve tearm brandish ftspoiler minerva orlando chapter react
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