• how is this not your favourite show •
archer Sterling Archer gif:archer Barry Dylan how is this not your favourite show
favourite love funny comedy show how i met your mother himym dance himym gif this Suit suits e4 how i met your mother gif
my edits disney my posts disney movies Disneyedit tanglededit tlmedit herculesedit bh6edit tpaftedit Sorry if your favourite character is not included I wanted to try the templates and now I understand how it works! So next time it will be better
1k ~ sorry this took so long The 100 the100edit clarkegriffinedit the100daily commanderlexaedit clarke x lexa clexaedit otp: i swear fealty to you i couldn't stop talking about how clarke and lexa are soulmates honestly this is one of my favourite clexa scenes they've ever done definitely in my top ten clarke being gentle with lexa will forever be one of my favourite things
* that 70s show jackie burkhart That '70s Show steven hyde Jackie x Hyde he gave her his favourite led zeppelin shirt this is how you make a great ship look at that growth and character development they made each other better
how i met your mother himym help me mystuff* how i met your mother cast himymgif I LOVE THIS CAST SO MUCH AND SHOW (
favourite 1k exo sehun sekai jongin exok D.O. Kyungsoo baekhyun suho chanyeol not sure where this from bUT IM TRYING NOT TO SCREAM AT HOW CUTE THE PHOTO IS and omg seKAI
Captain America Steve Rogers Marvel avengers Natasha Romanoff black widow *evil steve squinting* and i know you named your favourite one 'cupid's arrow' *natasha whips out a gun* mention cupey again and national hero or not you are dead buddy madarts
gif how to train your dragon dragon httyd toothless Night Fury look how fury filled he is this big cat dog my sister watched this the first time yesterday so this is in honour of that cos its still one of my favourite films ever and I must see the sequel
* television ATS tact is just not saying true stuff ats208 cordelia being fucking awesome more than makes up for all this kate bullshit who run the world? girls okay all y'all need to just calm your tits about the circumcision thing this is a television show dammit. about vampires. and a man was about to sacrifice his own daughter to a demon he worshipped in order to gain more power obviously not meant to be picked apart literally. the intention is still valid i think. how did this become a discussion about foreskin?
1k sunggyu infinite gif:infinite kim sunggyu gif:sunggyu 4 things show 140729 misoki i don't know how this gif happened ;w; blowfishgyu is too cute not to gif
1k my gifs Modern Family Eric Stonestreet Sofía Vergara jesse tyler ferguson how can you not love this show lilly is amazing
mygifs Viola Davis alfred enoch how to get away with murder HTGAWM htgawmedit omg this show is soooo good already
~ mine sherlock bbc sherlock ilu show do not tell me this show is not exceptionally brilliant im so mad at how well they thought/planned it out i bet u can already find s5 hints in the existing episodes if u look hard enough this fucking show
my stuff 1000 it's always sunny in philadelphia 100 IT HAD TO BE DONE charlie kelly dennis reynolds iasip Mac McDonald MY FAVOURITE SCENE OF ALL TIME there was absolutely no need to gif this and yet i could not resist ALSO HOLY SHTI THIS SHOW IS SO HARD TO COLOUR I HATE IT OHMYGOD do u know how hard it is to make all the green look good without making the ppl look like little green ghouls
how i met your mother doodles digital alicexz but lbr Can You Believe still not over this reductive garbage i liked this actress so much im literally still speechless it's been two days and i don't even watch this show I DON'T EVEN WATCH THIS SHOW!!! (anymore) how i met your incubator when i read a summary of this finale i LITERALLY THOUGHT IT WAS AN APRIL FOOL'S JOKE EDIT: THANKS FOR TUMBLR RADAR... wao.. also cleaned this up a bit some messy parts were bothering me... /EDIT
1k how i met your mother himym barney stinson mystuff* don't leave me himymgif this run is literally my favourite thing especially when he finds out about the robin sparkles things
* this fucking show Sense8 sense8edit WHAT EVEN IS THIS HOW DOES THIS SHOW EXIST rileyswills i've got the url willsrileys saved im so tempted sammy