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1k mine hayley atwell lyndsy fonseca peggy carter mcu agent carter marveledit gtkmm carteredit agentcarteredit Angie Martinelli cartinelli this was supposed to be about the show but it ended up looking like cartinelli i ship them so much i do it unconsciously
sherlock Halloween yes fan art doodles maybe kidlock parentlock let's not talk about how frickin messy this is mrs hudson put him in the costume and sent him up and Sherlock doesnt know how to react because it's the cutest thing hes ever seen
lok Lin red letter media how is this woman not a supervillian i wasn't prepared for how much this show hates lin
photoset gif * how i met your mother marshall eriksen Season 4 Lily Aldrin this isn't part of the top 10 but i still really love it also Marshall reminds me of Eric Forman in this scene idek why damn I miss that show not a father's day
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favourite * myedit and your hair this is still of my favourite picture of him you're all dimples
my favourite how-fucked-up-is-america story
So I had this internship in India. While there, I got sick. It wasnt a big deal, just needed an IV and some antibiotics, in and out in like three hours. I go to pay for my hospital bill (which was like $70) and the receptionist person asks me what I do/why I am in India. They find out that I am a st...
my edits how i met your mother himym Robin Scherbatsky barney stinson ! ted mosby marshall eriksen Lily Aldrin ............ we're not talking about it i like a show that casts child actors that actually resemble the adult actors except for ted what the hell is up with baby ted
mine 2 game of thrones gotedit Oberyn Martell Pedro Pascal ch2014 i'm sorry for the colouring but his scenes are all yellow i definitely do not know how to colour this show
gif 1k spike Buffy the vampire Slayer BTVS buffy summers spuffy go be heroes maybe someday *cries forever* btvs edit baw14 this fucking ship gives me so many feels i wanted to show how much their relationship evolved and all the respect they gained for one another through the seasons although spike's the one who had the most character development so i put him first this is how a bad guy falls for the heroine should be she didn't have to accept that he's evil and deal with that he changed for her he became a better person even without a soul and when he saw that she would never love him while he's soulless and still kinda bad he went and got his soul and she started to really respect him and he respected her he became a hero because of her and she saw that and i think she really wanted to love him and i think she did a little but he knew better
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in the flesh saveintheflesh sitfsms
** Buffy the vampire Slayer buffy summers FBM btvsedit buffyedit yeah i've downloaded all the seasons you can expect this show to slowly take over my blog also i really need to learn how to colour it this is so bad
a moment of silence for all those innocent people who were possessed by demons and got tortured and killed by the winchesters because saving them by an exorcism was just too inconvenientĀ 
* how i met your mother barney stinson enrique iglesias ted mosby marshall eriksen himymedit i had to crop this a lot yuck also colouring this show is always a nightmare
When you blame your friends for getting you into a show that is ruining your life
1k TV [g] *td sim~ true detective *ftdb p: gtkm
my edits glorfindel silmarillion lotredit silmedit tolkienreadalong *silm *silmcharacters THIS IS FOR MARIA GLORFINDELICIOUSS
1k how i met your mother himym ted mosby marshall eriksen Lily Aldrin mystuff* himymgif actual favourite colouring s1 is a joke