• how many people are going to get this joke •
my gif my gifs high flash justice league 3k Hawkgirl how many people are going to get this joke
i find it pretty fucking inconsiderate that my grandchildren haven’t used time travel to visit me. and frankly, i’m a bit offended. AM I NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU GRANDCHILDREN?  WELL FUCK YOU  MAYBE I WON’T EVEN HAVE KIDS AND YOU WON’T EXIST  HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT
1k LOL mine LOTR edit help me lotredit goodbye im going to bed hahhahaha ahsuiargeugiebgak aim SO SORRY i made a joke and i can ct breathe sajhfiekjnfaifup I CANTN JHbfjweo how did this get 3k notes in 7 hours?! you are all terrible people
What kind of bird would Sauron be? A flamingo.
how to ‘jumble’ around your links.
AKA ;this is pretty confusing and im sure there is a better way but this is just the way i’ve taught myself how to do this. i get asked this a lot so here we are!so first off you got to make your likes look how to want them. even if the end result is you want them a different size each or a differen...
I am not going to give up. No matter how many times I fail, no matter how big or small the failures ...
*Puts brief case down on the table and takes off glasses very seriously* “So about that AU we discussed that one time.”
Before yall get on the subject of “Those animals in St. Louis are rioting for nothing” Let’s take a look at some of the shit white folks like to riot for shall we? Wonder how many of those had people talking about the people participating in the riots and calling them every thi...
if u have a dick u dont get an opinion about feminism.
my gifs by me Dylan O'Brien the first time how many gifs are there going to be of this scene though
” Why are you obsessed with video games? They don’t have any deep plot, meaning, or interesting characters. Books do.”
In 1585, the townspeople of Annecy, Savoy, France, became alarmed over an apple that gave out a “great and confused noise.” Believing it to be full of demons, they pushed the apple into a river. i do not have anything to add to this tbh
Izaya shin Amnesia ikki kent Toma Grell diabolik lovers otome ukyo komaeda princess arthur otome games Dialovers reine des fleurs Amnesia: Memories Amnesia Memories i'm gonna tag em just because i mentioned them How did this post get so many notes It doesn't make sense really It's going to be my top post at this rate Noo Izaya in bed and the top 20 ships you'll get demoted!
my gif epilepsy warning glitch brb crying Big Hero 6 bh6 tadashi hamada bh6 spoilers how can i be so emotionally attached to this character
Red vs Blue rvb Agent Texas i'm sorry about my blog right now i just... i have come down with a terrible case of tex there is no cure for me it's contagious please keep your distance how many times have i listened to 'tex vs tank' in the past hour? haha well... let's hope there are no EGREGIOUS MISTAKES here haha (it's a joke [it's funny because this entire post is an egregious mistake)] {i messed up my parentheses system there my passion is corrupting my orthography} WHY IS THERE AN OPTION TO LET PEOPLE ANSWER THIS... Is it because there's a question mark after 'tons'?! I... am going to make this answerable. On a whim. do not feel obligated to reply
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cat art color anyway i hate this post so much ketsu arts okay how do i tag this literally how the hell do i tag this it's hard to draw things that are non-fandom in nature i was going to include a tg character in there but then i can't find the right size for this perspective things thingy* not things pfft i tried to do something different this time the bg was referenced of course how the hell else can i draw bgs given my mediocre art skills lmao i used a colour palette for the colours and added in my own colours sooooooooooooo idk the combination looks p pleasing to me idk about you random cat in there bc yknow 'centre of attention' and shit maybe it's not centre of attention enough bc it's still not the first thing i see when i look at this picture crey i am a failure do not look at me i have three million ideas for edits (rly simple ones tho) that i have yet to get to like i've had them in mind for like a month but then i was too lazy to do it laziest person on earth that is me okay i should stop ranting in the tags im sorry people removed my comment and added their own and i want to delete this post off everyones blogs fuck this post and fuck the person who removed the comment i wonder how many notes this will get
bye friends i am gone this was the last fucking drop i've seen this too many times and ive had a few shitty days and i needed to complain about something so this was it explain this to me social justice bloggers maybe try getting awareness about bullying going around on the site you use instead of calling every little single thing that doesn't even have to do with equality out and overanalyse it maybe start with working on the medium you use and now i'm ranting again
gerard way **gif **mine how it's going to be how many times can i make gifs of videos of this song??? infinity i have like 8 gb of gerard videos on my laptop and i swear half of them are how it's going to be