• how many things could he have said •
1k mine Clueless paul rudd alicia silverstone cher horowitz josh lucas so many times cher x josh josh x cher cluelessedit clueless mine this just goes to show that no matter how many times you've seen a movie there are still new things to discover i must have been blind because i never realized that josh take off his hat because of what cher said and he tries to do it subtly too and fails and cher undoes her pigtails because of what josh said how did i never notice that? how many times have i seen this scene?
season 9 dean winchester castiel destiel i have problems my meta pnp it just kills me feel the feels spnccnet season:9 meta:destiel casthewise i think about this line a lot how many things could he have said how open is that question and the way dean doesn't understand why the wquestion makes cas so upset I HAVE A LOT OF DESTIEL FEELINGS RIGHT NOW and this has been begging to be written some times i'll just say to myself... where to cas? to the stars dean winchester.... and start crying
* Damon x Elena major delena feelings everytime i listen to this song okay idgaf if it's hanson the lyrics are so freaking hidfkcndjfjdso and idk that part reminds me of that scene it gets even more painful when you think he was so close to giving up on his own life he literally thought he had no more reason to fight and then he thought of her he remembered the first time they ever met and how that night changed him forever and it gets so much worse if you compare it to 2x22 because here you can see that he still wasn't ready to die there was nothing he could do to save himself back then but this time he can do something; he can fight back and then that memory... that only exists in his head reminded him of how much he'd miss if he simply accepted death he just wants to be with her no matter how much it hurts him to know his love will never be enough for her (at least in his mind) so he gets up and fights maybe not for him but for her because he made her a promise to never leave her again because loving her is the only thing that makes him feel alive and that would never change he would protect her just like he said to katherine analyzing it from another perspective his death would make no sense after all his arc throughout the show so many moments wrapped up in a single scene all his previous choices led him to decide he would not die that night because if he had chosen differently he wouldn't have met her and his life would have been pure darkness and misery nothing to turn around and look back to we know he'd do things us damon fans are not proud of but leaving elena unprotected is not and will never be an option she is his priority even though he isn't hers (for now) fucking feels jfc this can't be healthy i'm just gonna go
  • the staff:*fucks up*
  • xkit guy:my apologizes for this
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Beer for people who hate beer.
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  • Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, etc:*only deconstructs very small things relating to their lives n how they are interpreted. Uses a few buzzwords. Doesnt really do much of anything radical unless they can benefit from it and/or capitalize off it*
  • White feminists:look at this revolutionary feminism!!! Look at how she's risen :')
  • Nicki minaj:*deconstructs a whole system of racism and sexism. Speaks out about domestic abuse. Tries to support strugglin girls trynna survive. Shows effort to unlearn cissexism. Very frequently challenges the male gaze while still embracing her sexuality*
  • White feminists:ok but was that really necessary.. Something about this doesnt sit right with me.. Lets not jump to calling anyone a feminist.. She objectifies herself.. *emits literal dookie from mouth*
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Benedict Cumberbatch oz comic con
mine exo tao EXO-M edit: kpop Kris taoris what is this jvknjvndsvn i can't write anymore sorry nanda if you guys want to reblod and delete the caption it's ok ugh asecondmoon
Illustration art My art Fanart mass effect mass effect 2 legion my fanart geth mantis AAAUGH i have SO MANY LEGION FEELINGS RIGHT NOW I have SO MANY THINGS I COULD SAY ABOUT THIS PIECE I really love it a lot sorry ugh wow this came together so well i am really proud of myself i just really love legion brb gonna go write about him making a human sniper friend because why else does he have a human made council registered sniper rifle when you first meet him how did he find it? theres no way he just 'found it' i mean my god he has a giant HOLE IN HIM oops I keep calling Legion him instead of it geth are people too but yeah so much untold story there stupid sentient AIs stealing my heart away
One Direction narry ahaha realising that poor liam is being completely ignored by harry ahaha most likely unintentionally but bless him zayn isnt happy is he neither was louis opps to be honest i think this gifset is a lot deeper that i wanted it to be omg too many things can be said ahah i love how nialls just lovin it all
omg cutie fans beatles johnlennon
embroidery jacket Twenty One Pilots Josh Dun i want to believe joshua dun
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my gif 1k supernatural dean winchester 5k spnedit DaddyJensen i love you sooooooooo much the righteous man u dont understand samwinshester bowlegschester jnsenackles it probably isn't natural the amount of love i have for u the greatest hunter the world has ever seen the greatest /person/ the world has ever seen
Friend: How many times have you listened to Little Things today ?
sailor moon AND I DID ikea monkey so many things i could have done