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"sir you named your son ‘wolfy mcwolf’ and then pissed off a werewolf. i really dont know what you expected to happen" said the doctors at st mungo’s to lupin’s dad, probably 
If James and Lily had survived, I am positive that every time Harry got into trouble, there would be a huge betting pool on whether the next howler would be James and Sirius congratulating him or Lily screaming at him and commanding Severus to give him detention for a month. And as the Potter family...
no but you know the part in OotP when Fred & George have that crazy fireworks display and stick it straight to Umbridge’s stupid face? and you know how in the movie Flitwick has this little moment where he celebrates along with all the students?all of the twins’ products deal mostly with charms....
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Alright, so I just watched the scene in PS where Hagrid is telling Harry about Voldemort and doesn’t want to say the name. Harry is like, “Maybe if you wrote it down?” and Hagrid is like, “Nah, can’t spell it.” And that reminded me of how it’s basically canon (I headcanon it anyway) that nobody pron...
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ravenclaws who are brilliant but fail to ever do homeworkslytherins who help with temp agencies and get people into Wizarding businesses gryffindors who do kind things anonymously instead of being knightly hufflepuffs who speak their minds and make social change in school Hogwarts students who defy ...
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