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Terezi Pyrope is in charge of her own fate and I love it. The blindfold is off. She’s giving the orders. She even marked out her own corpse outline. The world isn’t telling her what to do. She’s calling the shots now.  I think I might get the visual callback to Vriska’s depar...
Time for the Homestuck Gigapause, Get ready to tag spoilers
When the gigapause ends, most of us will probably be on tumblr. There will most likely be a lot of ending spoilers, so to ensure that nothing gets spoiled, tag anything after the gigapause with #hs giga spoilers I don’t have many followers compared to others, so to get this circulating please ...
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the only good thing to come out of this
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also I love how it’s like JADE: Rebelled against the tyranny of the Batterwitch through her rival corporation. ROSE: Rebelled against the tyranny of the Batterwitch through her writing. DAVE: Rebelled against the tyranny of the Batterwitch through his films. JOHN: Legendary comedian.
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