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homestuck John Egbert john terezi pyrope terezi homosuck hs pesterlogs Greatest Hits johnrezi early homestuck wtf this is my top post
fav homestuck hs SU I LOVE THESE TWO SO MUCH steven universe ultimate fav lauren zuke amber rogers
1k * gifs2 hs this looks a certain way on my phone then another way on my old phone and something else entirely on my laptop idk which one is right
homestuck upd8 hs spoilers homestuck up8 regina speaks
homestuck omg Dave Strider Spoiler Dirk Strider hs
when someone says they love Harry but he should cut his hair
Harry Styles edit 3 hs 2014
ok i don’t think we talk about the wheellarrow enough. Like they glide along the floor so fast iSo Speedy And then if you didn’t catch it before Louis actually turns his head and smiles pretty bigLook at this!Anyway severely unappreciated. Bless James Corden our Savior 
Harry Styles edit 3 hs 2014 thedailystyles
Harry Styles One Direction hair ** mine 2015 hs thedailystyles
Harry Styles edit 3 2015 hs otra tour
homestuck Dave Strider Jade Harley John Egbert Rose Lalonde nepeta leijon Gamzee Makara jake english karkat vantas kanaya maryam terezi pyrope jane crocker tavros nitram equius zahhak Roxy Lalonde Dirk Strider hs calliope lil hal arquiusprite tavrosprite jasprosesprite^2 jasprose davepetasprite^2 davepeta cosmicegotronica
Harry Styles * hsedit anyway hs harry styles edit hs edit wtf tags do people put things in idk idk what this is but he's very soft and pretty and I like it lol
Harry Styles One Direction mine hs happy birthday harry
gif Harry Styles One Direction mine edit happy birthday harry my boy hs happy birthday harry love you my boy
mine then and now hs i-
please hs IM SO ENDEARED
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction liam payne Niall Horan mine hs
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