• hs •
Harry Styles 5k 3.10 e hs fave
photo hs
photo lt lp hs nh zm
photo hs
homestuck Dave Strider Rose Lalonde My art how long has it even been since i uploaded hs art??? DON'T GET ME WRONG jade and john are my forever kids as well
gif mygifs homestuck Jade Harley space mygif jade kanaya gif warning glitch hs porrim space player
homestuck My art nepeta leijon nepeta hs
1k ot5 My art 2k 3k z art lp art h art my 1D art lt art 1Dselfie N art
1k * edit ILYSM hs such a babe
ppl talk shit
gif homestuck trolls NSFW Karkat sollux karkat vantas sollux captor im really sorry solkat hs fricking i cried a little capcasey got my 800th follower and got some really sweet mail cried twice
homestuck Gamzee Makara gamzee tavros tavros nitram homestuck art hs gamtav pbj pb&j i love snow scenes SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
We are starting to update these lists again!  You know the drill: Reblog this if you roleplay a Homestuck TROLL ! If you roleplay a Human click here!! 
*wwa gifs wwa gifs *wwa hs wwa hs *0805 0805
ilh he's such a dork wwa gifs *wwagifs *wwa hs wwa hs *0805 0805
Harry Styles One Direction pool brazil hs
hehehehe wwa gifs *wwagifs *wwa hs wwa hs *0805 0805 *wwa 10$ if you can guess who he sneakly looks at in the 2nd gif right at the last sec
wwa gifs *wwagifs *wwa hs wwa hs *0605 one second longer and we would have been able to see him jiggle those hips where has been learning all these dance moves 0605 0605 gifs
Harry Styles One Direction 1D why 1D* hs* edits~
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