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Harry Styles One Direction 1D on the road hs on the road again hi i'm harry
space galaxy universe science Cosmos Astronomy astrophysics Hubble hubble space telescope
Harry Styles candid p hs 2014
1k Harry Styles * edit hs here's the full version because i love this picture
blood homestuck Dave Strider Jade Harley beta kids mspa upd8 davejade jadedave upd8 art hs fanart peach draws
homestuck sollux captor aradia megido homestuck trolls hs
drawing Illustration art homestuck Fanart God Tier Karkat doodle update hs upd8 vantas
homestuck Dave Strider My art bro strider this makes no sense shoosh kickstart my friends were dressed as the strider bros and as asoon as i saw them i just started screaming ?????? i think stridercest ?????????????????????? idk how they act sorry im a hs noob
homestuck Rose Lalonde Fanart kanaya act 6 gif warning hs rosemary flashing lights just to be safe up8 ; - ; THE PAIN IS REAL the PAIN IS REAL IDK this one really got me
gif blood homestuck Dave Strider Jade Harley hs upd8 davejade jadedave upd8 spoilers
lq* i didnt caption the irrelevant parts mainly bc it didnt fit also before this HS: freedom.. peace.. love..
art sculpture blood design dark skull Anatomy Macabre porcelain disturbing figurine sadism Maria Rubinke asylum-art tumblr art to follow best  tumblr art blog top tumblr post Gore sculptures
  • teacher:fold your paper in half
  • me:eridan style or gamzee style?
the only good thing to come out of this
advice for every homestuck who hasn’t seen the update yet: don’t. save yourself now and quit homestuck. just stop. get out of here while you still can.
i legitimately clicked on that update thinking “wow time to see if i actually still care about homestuck or not” and that update was so shocking i was thrown into the same level of fear and emotionally investment as probably the night of cascade i reacted to this more violently than casc...
homestuck Dave jade upd8 popular posts hs spoilers blood / death / weapons /
  • me before the update:okay im ready
  • me after the update:i wasnt ready
harry spotting a baby in the street like
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