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Me, actually replying to a message, instead of leaving it so long it’s weird to reply because I don’t know how to answer
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my sense of humor:
suggesting “kill them” as punishment for an extremely disproportionate crime  (”he stole my eraser” “kill him”)staring at an object that has fallen over for a prolonged amount of time and with inordinate disappointment*points at a garbage can* “that’s me”zooming really far into someone’s face on sna...
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LOL funny humor comics webcomic dentist funny images cavities sliceoflife thepigeongazette some say she is still noping to this very day in reality my arms are feeble and flightless stupid cavities
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  • Me:[ wakes up ]
  • Me:Haha, wow. What a day it has been.
  • Me:[ rolls over and goes back to sleep ]
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