• i cant stand it i understand if you cant deal with all the pain and violence thats been happening and you need to take care of yourself but im so sick at heart and it hurts for most of my friends to not be talking about this i go on facebook and two people are talking about ferguson few of my mutuals on here and its just like OUR COUNTRY IS SO FUCKED UP AND SICK it was created sick and i dont know if theres even a way to fix it that doesnt involve tearing it down but when black people are being killed every single day for existing while black if WE dont DO something it's just going to continue and continue and get worse im so lucky to not have to fear for my fucking life when i go outside and i know my comfortable existence is directly thanks to the people whose backs im stepping on i want to help i want to make things CHANGE •
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death cw selfie bee periods cw is it true that 'bathroom' is a super vulgar term for toilet room in America?? I think I heard about that in school once? what are you saying instead? I think bathroom is super nice it does not sound like you would use that room for poop at all but maybe the vulgar term was 'toilet'? maybe i am confused I do not remember it well my old high school is having a christmas market next december maybe I should go and ask and buy a bad looking candle every class had to craft something for the christmas market so our parents would buy it and then the nuns would have money to buy more boeat boats for our boat competition team and we all just made candles every year children are not very good at making candles you know one year (grade 5 or 6?) our carnival celebration in class did not happen official because our teacher got sick or something but looking back it was probably because that year 'Traumschiff Surprise" was really the big thing in Germany (Traumschiff Surprise is a German Star Trek parody and it is about how gay everone is) and like 5 boys were planning to dress up as Capitain Cock and Spucki and this was not an idea that good at our catholic school so there was no carnival for us because of gay Star Trek so to make up for it our teacher wrote a funny poem about our class and every student hat a little rhyme but my teacher had forgotten that I was in her class and when she realized after she finished the poem that there was still a rhyme missing she just looked at me and tried to make up something on the spot
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