• i just found this photo and i am not ok thats really cool though •
what if Gravity Falls-stuck what if Prospit Mabel and Derse Dipper what if GrunkleStansprite what if Soossprite
1k One Direction * ~ niam 5k i just found this video in 'hd' and i needed to gif it ok
Cool supernatural dean winchester sam winchester spn John Winchester IT IS DONE sweetsamofmine asksamstuff THIS IS THE ONE I ALREADY HAD SKETCHED also a very unlikely scenario on how he got the shirt but shut up it popped into my head ok and never went away also the shirt keeps changing sizes in my drawings ignore it ok
I am 27 years old and I was just taught how to tie my shoes....
ya ok hey yo i just had a concert fancy night i love this suit so much it new and rly cool
assassin's creed E3 Ubisoft I'm really upset about this ok i am fully prepared to give this company hell and not my money
mypost Kimi ni Todoke Kuronuma Sawako Sawako Kuronuma reaching you pasteledit kntedit Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You this was really cute and funny though i feel like she hardly interacted with her love interest i wish they went more into depth with kazehaya he was really lacking character i found myself really enjoying sawako and her friends though
  • varric and dorian:complaining
  • cole, sera, and bull:terrified screaming
  • blackwall:bullshits harder than a college kid during finals
  • solas:non-stop comparison of ancient dwarves to ancient elves
  • cassandra and vivienne:do all the work
  • inquisitor:dies a lot, probably
Luhan xiumin xiuhan lumin look at xiumins smile when luhans doing it like thats not love when wife does it husband also does i change the shittyness cos fck why does this have a thousand notes i cant fck who even reblog this i just rechecked my grammar and wtf am i high and then i changed it to a new sentence
love photography quotes relationships just girly things and thats who i am
drawing Typography hand watercolor I'm really sentimental and that sucks. But whatever. believe it or not i watercolor washed this or something so what am i talking about? i'm actually really happy today i just keep doing outwardly depressing stuff stahp it sam my tags are a joke
mygifs mine quote lyrics kpop but YG tablo epik high I really like this KPOP Quotes daniel armand lee lee hi lee hayi jennie kim ok i know that sang this wrote the thats why i put his name oKKKK its like a word play and that quote of im sorry that im both ur umbrella and then rain omg i really like it too:) kpop lyrics
mine jasmine aladdin Disneyedit aladdinedit sorry about the graininess on her arm just ignore it ok but i really love this scene their kiss is probably my favorite there are a lot of disney kisses that just make you go 'oh thats nice' but this is one that you can really feel y'know
* pretty little liars gifs of course xx i just I made this because of reasons IM NOT OK they just I'M SO DONE i'm in pain just because this fandom tends to hate on them and they have reasons to be what they are now fucking favorites i forgot noel but omg he is not really good but whatever ily baby thought i should i love you so so so much ok
1k mine game of thrones But whatever this is terrible tv: got mine: gifset gotedit gotstannisbaratheon gotrobertbaratheon gotdaenerystargaryen gotmartells gotrenlybaratheon gotviserystargaryen gotrhaegartargaryen gotdoranmartell gotoberynmartell goteliamartell got: general got: fancast also you could add the tullys but hey cat is not really dead anymore so I JUST LIKE THE PARALLEL OK wow this got a lot of notes really fast
myedit LOOK AT THEM i'm ok siiiiigh free! makoto tachibana haruka nanase makoharu otp: I'm home ok so...it's been 93 days and i'm still not over this scene I JUST I MEAN COME ON LOOK AT IT This will look bad for those who don't have the new layout lol cos i had to put some pics together to fit them all so the spacing and shit i'm listening to mAY I BY TRADING YESTERDAY AND CRYING OVER THESE 2 HAHAHAAA IT'S COOL I'M OK...
badass mermaid gangs who demand a stop to ocean pollution and warn ships about imminent storms faeries of the forest jamming out to heavy metal in the dead of night and sighing because there are literally no band shirts in their size wizards that travel with play groups and preform the special effec...
hetalia APH germany aph doitsu doitsuism im really not fucking sorry what am i doing with my fucking life weird shit happened i need to get it together joking im a true doitsuist doitsuist the holy church of doitsu
louis liam lilo !!!! thewestniallvirus LIAM JUST GOT 3958235 EXTRA COOL POINTS OK remember when harry's fav album was whatever people say i am that's what i'm not ?!?!?!?!?!?! i was hoping he'd chime in when liam said this but nope hahaha