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When we pass by another person without telling them we love them it’s cruel and wrong and we all know this.
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What if I travel so far away in my dreams that I can’t get back in time to wake up?
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when someone with anxiety asks ‘do you love me?’ ‘are you sure?’ don’t get angry.  we’re trying hard, but sometimes we need reassurance.  we...
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You’re a worrier. You worry about that test days after you took it. You worry about that guy from two years ago who broke your heart a...
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30 Of The Best Terry Pratchett Quotes
We have compiled a list of Sir Terry Pratchett’s best quotes to remember him by. A fantasy author and creator of the Discworld, Terry was known for his uncanny sense of humor and quirky fashion sense. Actor, Sir Tony Robinson remembers Pratchett as a “bit of a contradiction. He was incredibly ...
We attract to ourselves what we hold inside. Every circumstance, every person, and every situation that we attract and experience is based o...
some idle tongue mentions your name by accident: I feel as if a rose were flung into the room, all hue and scent.
Não tenha medo de se apaixonar de novo, fique atenta àquele sinal de que não haverá mais nada igual.
Well I got this guitar and learned how to make it talk.
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