• i'd kill for a pair of these glasses •
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mine divergent shailene woodley divergentedit ansel elgort i figured i'd gif the rest of the scene lmao might as well!!! dedicated 2 shansel breakdowns a la charlie y'all i'm not even gonna lie i'm a big sucker for these two and their relationship i know it all goes to shit but
Just Thought I'd Make A Post of the Funniest Pics of The Boys
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oh wow I love that I can now follow new people without even having to go to their blog and check it out first!
my gifs mine bruce banner mark ruffalo newgif avengersedit marveledit i didnt know that marveledit was a thing smh i dont have any excuses for this i just wanted to see this jerk in glasses on my dash i apologise for the inconsistent colouring i did each of these separately
okay im getting sick of all these money cat posts im making my own
I’ve got $25 and the jar of change I keep in my bedroom lets do thisREBLOG THE MONEY CAT AND YOU’LL GET $1000A00304200 DOLLARS MAYBE MAKE IT RAIN CAT WORK FOR YOUR KIBBLES
I feel bad for defacing michelangelo tho
me NSFW bewbs i literally took these just now bc i was stupid enough to say i'd do it when the other post reached 40k these are pretty lame tho sorry
* tvd bonnie bennett emily bennett lucy bennett sheila bennett abby bennett ayanna qetsiyah i'd sell my soul for a show about these amazing women
mine gifset frozen frozenedit i've been meaning to make one of these for quite some time now colour coordinated gifset yay i'd try to include more colours if it weren't for the 10 image limit a new post finally i don't think i've ever put this much work into a gifset before
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