• i'm actually kind of scared this will happen •
bl snk Marco Bodt jeanmarco jean kirschtien adelaida art I'm kind of not coping actually I was crying while sketching this I don't understand what is the meaning of this death but I hope it's not a fricking let-kill-off-some-characters-bc-there-are-too-many-of-them
mine peter parker The Amazing Spider-Man 2 marveledit Max Dillon i'm never ever ever gonna try to color this kind of scenes again but i love it because peter is being peter and i love when he does that sometimes i'm like well i'm not so bad at coloring actually and then shit like this happens and i just want to stop making gifs i'm only posting this because i've spent one hour on it
amazingphil ?????????????????? i was actually kind of frightened when this showed up????
game of thrones Sansa Stark *mine* *1k *500 gotedit gotsansastark sansa appreciation week after all these Sansa edits I made I can still make something new I'm so proud of myself but this is actually really important Sansa has to be so brave all the time to say things to do things; to survive; for all those she needs to be brave and she is :') the 4th one is a bit of an odd one because it didn't happen in the books (I mean the slap) but I love that in the show she fought back to save herself and I love that because I believe that she can and will save herself; that she will be her own knight in a way not in the actual fighting with swords way;but in the intellectual way that she'll fight back and it will be beautiful anyway this is just a gifset I hope you guys will like it :)
myedits donten ni warau dnw Kumou Tenka kumou chuutarou kumou soramaru kinjou shirasu abeno sousei dnwgraphics abeno hirari I was actually making this for a follow forever but then this just kind of happened I'm actually really proud of this despite how basic it is ;; don't ask what the caption is I just wanted something there
Christmas my gifs Elf Will Ferrell buddy the elf Christmas movies $ anyways this movie is kind of hard to tag?
doctor who eleventh doctor matt smith Alex Kingston river song i'm sorry One day 3k dwedit the doctor and river aflawedfashiongif affdw Some Day it will happen i don't know how to make happy gif sets guys i will make a conscious effort affdwlyrics quickly becoming the most depressing tag on my blog i'm actually a pretty happy person i just... like... sad things... i almost made this a whole pond family gif set but the colors didn't match right but this one has a similar atmosphere to the swingset one and the colors match better so it became this and I think it turned out better this way
thorki i'm actually ashamed of this comic but i spent way too long on it not to post it and there will be a part two to this friggodin
doctor who amy pond karen gillan ** mine edits like dw whale amy x eleven Graphic amelia pond otter kaz the girl who waited kinda otp: gotcha kazza amy/eleven dwedit people: karen fandom: doctor who [200] [500] [1k] [2k] i'm actually kind of proud of this one well done amal
hetalia arthur kirkland APH AMERICA aph england alfred f jones many people will tag this as usuk but they're actually just floating heads
sonic Yusuke Murata onepunch man Saitama Genos speed of sound sonic that details tho
[insert more motherfucker jokes]
johnlock sherlock season 3 space husbands spirk the sign of three error error GUYS THIS IMPORTANT these two scenes are basically identical jim/john confesses his love to spock/sherlock which prompts spock/sherlock's otherwise brillant mind to come crashing down SIGNAL CANNOT BE PROCESSED so the deduction skill isn't the only thing that spock inherited from sherlock they both cannot wrap their minds around the fact that someone like jim/john genuinely likes them the sad thing is that sherlock and john actually resolve the matter whereas jim and spock.... need one of them dying to do so but let's wait for the next episode shall we? i'm sure john's confession will soon reach a whole new dimension of heartache and tragedy ugh now i'm EVEN MORE SCARED damn you moffat and gatiss with all your star trek parallels!
so i was thinking about this last night and i feel like i need to make a post.i know all of you are like, desperate for cap 3 set pictures of bucky/sebastian, and i am too, but…. think about that for a moment. maybe the reason there haven’t been any is that marvel actually wants to keep it a ...
my edits NSFW dragon age da the fade Desire demon nudity cw daaesthetics i'm actually really happy with how this one turned out i kind of want to do sets for other demons
okay so if you reblog this (likes don’t count) i’ll make up an original character based on your blog, i’ll describe their personality and looks and who knows maybe they won’t even be human, maybe they’ll be a robot or an alien or a squid (but probably humanoid) your sub...
love love is love gay love cute gay kiss gay men gay couples I'm gay cute gay guys looking for the perfect man i see love
1k gifs MY EDIT game of thrones emilia clarke daenerys targaryen gotedit gotdaenerystargaryen i'm actually really proud of this!!!