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Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 1 & 2 
1k mystuff 500 Littlefinger got spoilers asoiaf spoilers gotedit mystuff:got vaguely peter baelish The Mountain and the Viper i don't know if anyone's giffed this line yet but i appreciated it i'm going to love and hate the next 2 eps so much...
For the longest time I thought Creepypasta was pronounced Creepy Pasta like creepy spaghetti rather then like Creepy Paste-AH
A Homestuck AU where they are all trapped on Earth. Earthbound.
if you think the game of thrones spam is bad now just wait until the show actually starts
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Reminder that Ludwig loves puppies, baking, has a character song dedicated to how lonely he is, and should be protected at all costs.
jingle bells hussie smells dirk is just a head jake forgot damara smokes pot and nepeta’s still dead
  • Henry VIII:I wish to wed Mistress Boleyn
  • Me:Harlot do not proceed
  • Henry VIII:*breaks with the Catholic church*
  • Me:God's blood
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On April Fool’s day everyone on tumblr should change their icon to different variations of Nicolas Cage’s face
so i saw this picture of david tennant on facebook and i 
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i'm sorry
like pls don’t be mad if you send me an ask or reply to one of my posts and i don’t answer it even though i’m clearly online and reblogging shit i’m just slightly stressed and when i’m stressed i tend to just not talk because my mind is super jumbled and i can’t quite focus on anything like lying ar...
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