• i'm baaaaack •
gif 1k I'm so happy jack harries jacksgap finn harries THEY'RE BAAAAACK
my edits arrow oliver queen arrowedit tommy merlyn felicity smoak olicity i'm baaaaack arrow spoilers did you miss me?? arrow: season one arrow: season two arrow: season three or should i rename year three: olicity? my olicity is showing all the olicity feels i'm so excited about season three
mygif Kris wu fan wu yi fan wu yifan yifan THE KING IS BAAAAACK
Missy Elliott - WTF (Where They From) ft. Pharrell Williams
art homestuck feferi nepeta upd8 spoiler everyone is my baby
gif television parks and recreation parks and rec wink ben wyatt nbc dies dat wink Calzone party
pikachu nintendo 3ds mewtwo super smash bros jigglypuff Lucario mewtwo strikes back pichu WiiU Confirmed direct ssb4 greninja
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm sorry
i’m sorry but every time i see this post i just
i'm not okay i'm not okay i'm not okay i'm not i'm not okayi'm not okay i'm not okay i'm not okay i'...
fringe ;____; peter bishop Walter Bishop olivia dunham lincoln lee astrid farnsworth Phillip Broyles Nina Sharp my gifs [4] FringeFox etta bishop mine [9] fringeversary thank you fringe ok so i was actually PERFECTLY FINE until i uploaded these all together and now i aM THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF FINE BABIES COME BAAAAACK (also this originally had charlie instead of etta but it looked weird cos he was the only not in s5) (so i went with etta but now feel really bad about wasted charlie gif so gonna hafta make another something~~)
I first wound up in a panel of women who do fan art and fan fiction surrounding the current TV incarnation of Teen Wolf. And you know what t...
“A love triangle heats up among Marley, Jake and Ryder”
1k my gifs doctor who dw dwedit i'm late i'm late i'm late i'm late i'm late i'm late i'm late the font took so long bye
It started on ice with Lewis watching Simon… And it ended in ice, with Simon watching Lewis forever…
Black and White depression sad suicidal pain hurt alone broken hopeless cry worthless i hate myself i'm sorry i want to DIE depressive I'm Not Okay I'm a loser I WANT TO CRY helpless i'm a mess i'm a bad person depressing quotes i'm a terrible person I'm Lost I'm not good enough i want to disappear depressing thoughts I'm falling apart
An avox walks into a bar and says