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hoh my god i just realized that in the very last scene they’re all waving random flags but enjolras is waving this red flag which is riddled with bullet holes as you can see look familiar he took th efl ag with him to he aven
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I first wound up in a panel of women who do fan art and fan fiction surrounding the current TV incarnation of Teen Wolf. And you know what t...
depression i'm fine
dan, about his parents and family’s place: “my family’s house” dan, about the apartment he shares with phil: “our home”
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[TRANS] 150822 - ‘I’m Fine Thank You’ Memorial Concert: Messages
Sojung: First off, thank you to everyone who gave up their important time to come today. Zuny: Thank youSojung: We were really nervous and practiced a lot since it was our first time standing on stage in awhile, but I hope that this song would be able to touch Rise unnie and EunB unnie. We, Ladies&r...
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Demi Lovato Nick Jonas nemi i'm fine nemi feelings no really everything is fine it's fine i don't think nick's making it obvious enough tbh
Ed Sheeran  + (Deluxe Version)
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