• i'm going to post happy things from now on •
iron man tony stark Captain America Steve Rogers Thor avengers Clint Barton Hawkeye Maria Hill Natasha Romanoff Nick Fury black widow hulk bruce banner because i can my stuff: gifs I made a thing oh wow pepperony pepper potts phil coulson vine Clintasha i made this before i... because happiness i'm going to post happy things from now on sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes i don't have a Vine account so i don't know exactly how it works
mygifs David Tennant happy birthday dtedit mygifs:dt dwcastedit BUUUUUT YOU SEXY SCOTTISH BASTARD i was going to wait to post this until tomorrow since i've already seen posts on my dash i'm just gonna post it now
On Commissioning Artists
Aren’t your prices too expensive? If you can’t afford me, don’t commission me.Maybe lower your prices a bit so that it’s more accessible? If you can’t afford me, don’t commission me.I really want you to draw for me but I can’t afford these prices… If y...
mine f one piece anyway strawhats 500N 1kn nefertari vivi m:c opgraphics m:op i started this colouring without knowing it was vivi's birthday the next day :') i struggled so much with the skins colours idk well i hope it looks okay owo anyway yeah i'm at 1007 followers now Thank you all!! for sticking with me and supporting my graphics and everything :D i can't believe it's already been like 7months i started this blog?? i made so much friends :D warning though i'm going to be pretty absent for the next two weeks i have lots of exams...... i'm gonna post my hair tutorial soon btw
art assassin's creed leonardo da vinci i'm not going to tag everyone I'm going to crawl into a hole and die now. also the weird blond thing next to Salai is Melzi aka the other assistant and Teodora I still like Paola the best and Volpe and yeah okay I'm just going to die now thank good bye also  let's pretend cesare is sittign on a stool and oh if you look Clay is there too and volpe and lupo are supposrd to be having a n argument fuck its bedtimr
I hate being told to do something I was already planning on doing like I was all about doing this task, and then you told me to do it and now i am annoyed and this task is now 300x less likely to be completed
gif edit stuff King Lee Pace look at him omg Happy Birthday my angel i'm just gonna express myself on the tags Lee you mean so much to me You're just a sweet angel I'm actually happy that you're such a private guy because it makes me 2949 more happy to hear from you Your fans are so adorable You're lucky they are so sweet and amazing Your acting is wonderful I just cannot wait to see you winning an Oscar one day and I'll be there screaming on my TV 'YOU DID IT' and being immensely proud of you Cause you made it ily Pace i'll just post that now because it's midnight in France and since everyone from the Hobbit fandom is having a Lee moment
The End Arthur Pendragon TV: Merlin Merlin BBC Merlin merthur merlin emrys merlinedit season five ship: merthur tas makes things once and future queue c: arthur pendragon c: merlin emrys bbcemrys bbcarthur THINGS YOU SHOULD DO: LISTEN TO FORGIVEN BY WITHIN TEMPTATION THINGS YOU SHOULDN'T DO: LISTEN TO FORGIVEN BY WITHIN TEMPTATION i've been meaning to use that lyric for months tbh i just wasn't fucking masochistic enough to make a gifset until now apparently because i am dead inside :))))))))) BUT SERIOUSLY OH GOD I'M SORRY REWATCHING ARTHUR GETTING STABBED MADE ME NAUSEOUS FUCK THIS IS NEVER GOING TO GET EASIER IS IT THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS LIKE BRADLEY JAMES BEING A DUMB LITTLE SHIT ON TWITTER AFLEWJFAK SHHHHHHHHHHH
Louis Makes Harry Really Fucking Happy
(Or alternatively: That Doesn’t Even Look Comfortable, Styles) so basically, louis exists and that makes harry really really fucking happy sometimes louis exists so hard and it makes harry so happy that it looks like harry is in pain but he’s still happy happiness!!!!!!!...
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about me i guess ??? mostly i've just been collecting things like fairy lights and pillow cases and going through my old boxes of postcards/tickets/etc. to stick up on the walls never thought i'd actually use those old metcards and tube tickets but i'm v happy with it it makes such a difference to how i work in my room i tried to be minimalist and cool at first but i just fucking can't i'm useless i put crap EVERYWHERE
mine supernatural Misha Collins fandom from now on i'm going to write my feels on this pie i love you fandom but you're making me tired i meant to type feelings in that first tag too late for regrets
1k mine Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken mine: colorings tgedit tggraphics mine: tg 2k15 it's from a coloring tutorial i'm going to post right now
in the end, are you really so obvious?
Wanna hear a joke?  What did Jensen’s left leg say to his right leg? Nothing, because they’ve never met. 
Michael Fassbender gif1 just wanted to gif something with him so i could kind of like officialize that i'm going to be posting michael fassbender from now on cause he's fucking awesome
** studyspo studyblr 100 days of productivity i'm just going to caption all my posts with lame jokes from now on :~ )
my edits hannibal hannibal lecter thank you! I'll stop now nbc hannibal hannibaledit whatever? opq tagging griffin because he told me how to do the pixels i'm home for spring break with the slowest internet ever so i have all the time in the world to work on graphics now i'm just waiting for the new episode i probably shouldn't post this now? completely unrelated but i think about deleting my blog a lot i'm not going to but this was one of the other versions of my hannibaldidthis submission