• i'm gonna make another one of her without quotes •
1k the mortal instruments Lily Collins gifs(3) stuck in love samantha borgenst this is basically a gifset of lily swearing in the movie lol no but i loved it so much i'm gonna make another one of her without quotes and you can request stuff if you want
1k ** my stuff SpideyPool movies* marveledit deadpooledit idk i just wanted to make a 500px version of that other gif btw i have ideas for another gifset but i'm probably gonna wait the deadpool dvd i'm really glad you ppl liked that other one
* *gif the most popular girls in school *tmpgis there were so many great lines i'm gonna make another one later
louis tomlinson mine baby!! i'm gonna make a post similar to this without captions lolz
*gifset jane the virgin jtvedit latin lover narrator lol i'm not gonna tag everyone also yeah i think there's gonna be a lot of parts for this and i'm gonna make a separate one with more socially aware topics
my gifs wreck it ralph let's just take a moment to appreciate that Calhoun is a kickass bad with a bitchin' haircut dynamite girl I'm gonna make another gif set of Calhoun ok ok
1k Yuri supreme snsd *mine *gif Without You girls generation kwon yuri s so nyuh shi dae she's so cute i'm crying *yul i'm gonna  post a gifset of this soon btw that's not from the lyrics i just googled quotes lmao
spoilers my gifs [2] dragon age bioware Dorian dragon age inquisition dragon age spoilers da:i DA:I spoilers dorian pavus more like dorian pavASS am I right I'm so sorry I'll see myself out. but I'm probably gonna do one of these for all my faves in the series. and more dorian gifs in general except everyone on youtube has ugly or douchey inquisitors. also I'll have you know I had to hide outside behind the grill to make that one gif without people seeing. I'm at work just fyi otherwise these would be better. I JUST NEEDED HIM ON MY BLOG.
photoset lauren conrad 5k the hills Iconic so upset the lighting for the 'you know what you did!' scene is so awful homeboy wore combat boots to the beach i wanna make another one with her ~wise quotes actual princess i love her so much those hills asks were perfectly timed
1k *mine gifset the walking dead beth greene twdedit mkmc campbellandwinchester ok the fact that i'm gonna choose andrea in another one of these may or may not have had influence in my decision but anyways i've grown fond of beth after s4
1 thgedit everlark cfedit mjedit everlarkedit myartskp my babies and one of my fav quotes from mj yay i'm gonna cry so much right now
Benedict Cumberbatch star trek zoe saldana zachary quinto edit1 chris pine I'm gonna cry star trek into darkness edit: star trek had to make another one because hands!!
ravi whoops forgot to tag vixx HongBin wonshik RaBin xmygif they are so stupid they are soooooooo cute okay and sometimes they are in sync and it's crazy of course the first one is my favorite and the last one and the second to last one and they are just cute cute cute when they want to be anyway i'll make another rabin gifset soon this wasn't even the one i wanted to make BUT IT JUST HAPPENED so there will be another one event ually SPECIAL THANKS TO ESRA because i struggled so much with thinking of moments and i almost went crazy but i think we came up with good ones another special thanks to nhyung because i would have never found the video for the second gif without her esra and i were like ??????????NOIDEA??????? i tried to color these really well and make them nice and bright and i hope they came out okay these are the times i don't want to kill rabin
An avox walks into a bar and says
shield me added agents of shield Jemma Simmons Elizabeth Henstridge i know some of these seem random but it's all important to me k even the one in hydra because w/e the circumstances her reply here matters she's asked to disregard another woman's work and she frames her reply by refusing to do just that of course there are many other factors here but this is still super important to me i need to find a new coloring for this show and maybe i shouldn't be that lazy and just use hd for a change? and maybe start using the new dimensions now that they're kinda fixed? nah i'm not gonna do that until at least 90% of my dash is filled with new dimension gifs
1k Harry Styles One Direction 1D yes jedit idk what i'm doing ok OWOA one way or another should i make a niall one? ok if you say so hahaha talking to myself in my own tags
photoset my gifs Black and White alfredo flores avalanna queue; i'm not here
photoset One Tree Hill favshows othedit smoking cw do i like this idk but let's see how many of these gifsets i'll make before i get bored i have five done in my drafts so i'm gonna guess five but i'm not numbering this so i guess i can just come back to it whenever i don't know what else to gif has small text stopped working for anyone else?
mine season 5 twd the walking dead carl grimes chandler riggs twdedit twdgif man this was hard carlgrimesedit BC AT FIRST IT WAS GONNA BE A S4/S5 CARL EDIT BUT THEN I WAS LIKE NAH I'M JUST GONNA DO S5 CARL I MUST HAVE FORGOTTEN HE'S ONLY BEEN IN LIKE 5 MINUTES OF SEASON 5 I STRUGGLED SO HARD TRYING TO FIND SCENES but i can't make another carl gifset just using scenes from 4x09 I NEED MORE CARL SCENES TO GIF AAAFHFHSKA