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I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
My Chemical Romance  Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
“I’m Not Okay (I Promise) by My Chemical Romance
gif Harry Styles One Direction mine mr. styles okay okay I'm done this was torture okay?
It’s funny because after the comic ends things will quite down in the fandom for a while and once the other fandoms finally think we’ve died out when they finally think they’re safe BOOM the game comes out AND BAM WE’RE BACK WE RISE FROM THE ASHES LIKE A FUCKING PHOENIX CAW C...
LOL Demi Lovato perfect okay i'm going
my chemical romance I'm Not Okay
If you’re happy in your fandom, clap your hands!If you’re happy in your fandom, clap your hands!If you’re happy in your fandom, and you really want to show it,Then don’t send anon hate or post offensive stuff in the tags where everyone else can see or act like you’re th...
Harry Styles One Direction okay i'm done hedit
my gif 1k kendall schmidt your hair Golden God okay so this is not my best but i'm lazy okay
  • Matt:wait.
  • Matt:
  • Matt:why is Quinn in a wheelchair?
  • Matt:why are Brittany and Santana making out?
  • Matt:what happened to Puck's hair?
  • Matt:and who's the blonde guy with the lips? is he my replacement?
  • Matt:da fuq is the guy with the bow tie and eyebrows?
  • ...
gif mine gerard way my chemical romance I'm Not Okay (I Promise) minegerard minemikey minevideo
gif mine my chemical romance mineall Making of I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
like seriously bodies are so crazy like if you want to move your leg you just move it that’s it you don’t even think like ‘leg i command you to move’ it just gOES
Harry Styles my gifs okay i'm reposting this because i can
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Zayn Malik i'm sorry for posting all these zayn & perrie photos okay
Harry Styles One Direction harryedit okay i'm done ihy
sext: i lift up your shirt and trail my fingers seductively down your torso to your waistband i take all the pokeballs off your belt and liberate all your pokemon
* idk man tv: elementary i'm just really charmed by them okay
being in the sherlock fandom is like getting shot on the face, not seeking medical attention and just laying there in your own pool of blood and then starting to roll in that blood thinking ‘there’s nothing wrong with me’.