• i'm so happy they added all these chared with so much tension wrath doubts and admiration •
my gifs spoilers wreck it ralph wreck it ralph spoilers wir spoilers this scene kills me every time I think about or listen to the music or see it and you know i'm like crying my eyes out every time not because it's sad but the fact that this ending is SO satisfying and everyone is so happy and especially these two because they deserved it the most and while vanellope got to race ralph went back to his game but it was his choice and he's happy and you know that he's happy and she's happy and they're both happy that they're happy and it's just SO MUCH HAPPINESS THAT IT KILLS YOU and the fact that this movie started on a kind of low note and ends with Ralph's smile is just the most wonderful thing because he's back at where he started but he has a whole new perspective and that's what made his life better I think this is one of the best endings to a film you're just SO HAPPY GRAAAAAAAAAAAGH
but don’t you understand that the paint was on the same side as last year so they probably stick to sleeping on the same side of the bed each night and I bet Harry takes it really seriously and Louis is a little shit about it. Like Harry gets out of the shower and when he comes out Louis is on...
My art naruto itachi uchiha sasuke uchiha itasasu uchiha brothers sasuita I'm quite happy with this :)
MY EDIT Robert Sheehan the mortal instruments Jace Wayland jamie campbell bower simon lewis tmiedit i know this has been probably made thousand times (i don't have time to go through everything under tmi tag to check) but i need these two bickering put into one gifset (since jacexalec's banter has beed reduced to practically nonexistent at least they did these two the justice and eugh please be in everything and bicker all the time so remember when i was reading the books first time and these two were bickering on almost every page and i thought to myself wow what a giant surprise it would be if main heroine had this lanky neurotic babbling best friend and this heroine meets misterious guy all leather and gold hair and badass skills and there are gazes and banter and constant battle of wits and tension and OOOH PLOT TWIST it turns out that it's not about this guy having hots for the heroine BUT FOR HER BEST FRIEND? it's not that i'm invested in shipping these two but oh you know me i'm a sucker for male banter since forever (i'm that cheap and that easy oopsie) and all the possibilities of tunrning it into all pining romance is forever on my christmas and general list
my edits the vampire diaries delena i think ok i would have added two more parallels but this post is already too fucking huge so i'll leave them out this episode is like a treasure i swear to god i feel a little weird posting this cause other people already made gifsets with all of these one by one so if i offend you somehow with this i'm really sorry and you can yell at me i won't hold it against you
sherlock sherlock spoilers mary morstan i mean the way she's all smiley and happy and not at all threatened or jealous or whatever dumb direction they could have went with it she's confident and lovely and knows whats best for john oh man i love her so much this episode gave me all the feels
*gif fire emblem fire emblem awakening chrom lucina *fe haha this scene wrecked me bye I'm very much in love with all these kids and lucina is so imp
harry potter my gifs mine D: HarryPotter* hpedit harrypottergif harrypotterdailly gifharrypotter he's so shocked and delighted omg MY BABY BOYYYYYY *sells all my possessions to buy these characters anything they want* such lil babs I'm eMOTIONAL!!!1
Fail mygifs mine exo exo k CE chanyeol xxxxk pcy23* why am i so lazy LMAO i put in more effort to make countdown posts than this orz i had something else in mind but i'm so lazzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
my edits arrow I'm so happy oliver queen arrowedit felicity smoak olicity otp: i'm happy olicityedit my edits:o this is so strange look at all these colors it doesn't look like an arrowedit
gif edits manga manga cap Death Note light yagami L Lawliet Shinigami love apples I would like to point out again the sexual tension between these two took me a while to animate this with my sluggish laptop lskjdfslkjf it takes about 15 min to save each time so just imagine how many times I've saved just to view the animation slkdjfdkjf and woot 10 colors only I'm amazed
my edits shinee edits:gifs edits:shinee i know i'm a few days late with this but i still felt the need to make this because 2013 was such a flawless year for them they've done so much and achieved so much and i'm so proud and ~all that cheesy stuff~ 2013 was absolutely shinee's year and i hope that they continue to be inredibly successful as the years pass ;3;
books my photos Bookshelf bookshelves book photos awordshaker posts mini library i'm now just about dead but i'm happy with it until i get the random urge to change a few things around again anyways i've come to a conclusion that i own a crazy amount of books and they're beautiful and i love them all so much
my gifs hannibal jimmy price hannibal spoilers brian zeller the wrath of the lamb hannibal's best double act they just had so much fun this whole routine was so fucking good
harry potter hp voldemort tom riddle *edit hpedit hey look it's project forever: voldemort edition these have been unfinished since last november hahaha but now i'm finally happy with them and also very much done with them and i never want to see them in photoshop again and yes i'm in a tom riddle phase again gods help me i've fallen and can't get up
mine Orphan Black ob* cosima niehaus cophine delphine cormier obedits questions of science do not speak as loud as my heart *gifs old scenes and ignores real life responsibility* *does not include all the middle stuff because it's fucked up and pretends they are a happy couple* [CLUTCHES CHEST] I MISS THESE TWO DUMBS SO MUCH
gifs* once upon a time 2k I can't with these two robin hood ouat Regina Mills 3x15 ouat spoilers the tension ouatedit bby* outlawqueenedit outlaw queen
Haikyuu!! kagehina karodraws karodoodles ah what am I doing there're so many things to do and so much tension in home I may as well just say 'shit happens' and do nothing we all need some fluffs for soul
1k spoilers ** suits mike ross harvey specter suitsusa suitsedit marvey otp: i'm not giving you up why are they so lame @ god let these writers come up with a decent joke for once I MISS MIKE'S OLD HAIR SO MUCH