• i'm tagging him anyway •
1k my gifs behind the scenes 10k Chris Evans 20k Parkour I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS age of ultron important question: is that actually chris evans? even if it's not it's still fun to watch on a loop i'm tagging him anyway rotisserie soldiers on the bbq oh my goodness guys
I’m so punk rock I’ll cry tears you’ll never see
You do not get to choose when to have me; you cannot turn me off like too loud music. Please don’t teach me that I’m the kind of person yo...
imagine john managing to convince sherlock to carve pumpkins with him for the door outside. sherlock would carve his favourite chemical structural formula, which john would say “isn’t very halloween-y” and sherlock would reply “no, you don’t get it, it’s the skeletal formula, it’s funny”
Fanart the hobbit gandalf fili kili oin dwalin gloin balin bifur bombur bofur dori nori ori sketches PHEW Thorin i did it anyway ok tagging everyone here we go lefthanded sketches oops forgot to tag him first
pretty little liars pll 1000 mystuff Toby Cavanaugh spoby pll quotes cavanaugh spobyy there's no toby without his spencer lol that's why i'm tagging it like this anyway yeah quotes
LOL funny cute comics Awkward webcomics tapastic I hate tagging things wow anyway I'm p much a romantic genius
anime MY EDIT happy meal hitsugi no chaika Chaika the coffin princess this has probably been done already but I'm tagging it anyway
robert downey jr. iron man The Avengers Captain America Chris Evans Natasha Romanoff black widow scarlett johansson Captain America: The First Avenger COOL GUYS DON'T LOOK AT EXPLOSIONS idk whether to tag rdj in this or not because you don't see his face but THE SUIT AND HIM ARE ONE first-world problems augh nevermind tagging anyway mine 6
mine shirt top yin yang tee ying yang quality the world may never know ying-yang new cam yin-yang is it yin-yang or ying-yang? but i'm tagging it as both anyway
1k * The Avengers Marvel but here you go i'm not tagging all these marveledit marvel* makemechoose but it's mostly avengers anyway and spiderman is my fave so he's there twice i don't know it's ugly
1k 5k Teen Wolf @ TW twedit anti stiles anti stydia anti teen wolf just anti bs but tagging anyway MAN I'M SO BITTER watch?v=qlOTNtUvhe8
pokemon animal crossing pokeani i'm not tagging them all tumble will only accept the first few anyway so the story is i have been CONSUMING pokemon media lately but I took a day to play animal crossing recently and then i drew the rocket animals and then more.... and then i felt bad for leaving some out.... and then i had lots....
1k star wars The Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker at-at walker xcryforthemoon nosignofwings gtkmm starwarsedit thespngraphicmakersnet kingofattolia i know it's not spn but tagging the network anyway cuz i'm super proud of thiis
my gif 1k mine Captain America Marvel stevebucky marveledit sriusblacks i'm tagging you alexa i don't even know if you ship them but i'm taking you with me the point of this gifset was to show bucky's face when steve says 'i should be going' like he wants to say something but honestly they had this conversation so many times he just keeps his mouth shut and tries to change the subject ANYWAY I'M SAD and i don't know if i like this coloring
1k ** 2k gotcastedit raleigh ritchie kingofwinter braedensderek slyv idk if you love him as much as i do but i'M TAGGING YOU **rr
should i leave my boyfriend for tubbs the cat?
reblog for tubbs like for my boyfriend
naruto Kakashi kakashi hatake Maito Gai Might Guy kakagai I finished a thing i'll post that as well gai then proceeds to ask him 100 more times until kakashi finally accepts i suck at tagging i'm sorry