• i'm thinking of making edits like these for everone •
boyfriend mine ugh SWIMMING ANIME free! makoto tachibana tachibana makoto free! iwatobi swim club Free! Eternal summer still edit how does one make transparent gifs it takes way too long wth i'm not satisfied with this nope nope i'm thinking of making edits like these for everone but it will take a really long time it's so embarassing to type my own made up text don't look at me idk if this will get notes bc i totally forgot that today's new ep of free! so ofc no one's gonna care about your lame edit luce
my edits my gifs Billie Piper Rose Tyler dwedit bpedit rtdedit i feel like i should apologize for making this idefk what it is except me experimenting with that new trends ugh idk some of these are awful i'm sorry
gifset Korra legend of korra korra spoilers lok Avatar Korra Book 2: Spirits lokedit after all these years book 1: air theavatarchronicles edits by morgan raava vaatu book 3: change book 4: balance i'm a terrible person for making these gifs
Reasons Matt Cohen Needs to be on Teen Wolf
Number 1: Look at him Look. He is literally like the missing link between these two.
myedits Gangsta Doug gangstaedit myedits:gangsta gngst i was thinking of making another b&w wallpapers but somehow i ended up with pastel-ish making these wps made me miss him even more ;-;
1k ** Sebastian Stan e* v* sebstanedit marvelcastedit romanian babe obviously i need 2 stop making edits like this god
1k my edits my gifs lord of the rings LOTR Faramir Gondor boromir lotredit make me choose I think I'll eat your queue tiny-snapdragon I'm going to come up with a more original style for LotR later I just have fun making these like this idk why sorry if y'all are bored xD
gif gifs anime edits Death Note gah kira light yagami L Lawliet Ryuzaki not that I'm complaining Shinigami love apples 500 chickens 1000 chickens damn Light I'm going to believe that Ryuzaki is not lying here ok I need lessons in typography dunno if the fonts here look ok but I feel like there are better fonts out there for these my mind screams gay while making this nor implying anything neither 2500 chickens
my gifs i'm sorry rose quartz pearl amethyst the return garnet steven universe crystal gems Steven Universe Gifs gem glow Greg Universe cookie cat I don't have an excuse I tried the new gif thing with the saddest gifset ever i made cookie cat sad idk if someone had pointed it out already I've been thinking of making this and the lapis love like you ones for some time i need to make lapis later
vriska serket terezi pyrope scourge sisters my drawings limbo i'm thinking of making one for every troll i just love this style so much limbostuck limbo homestuck
mygif 1000 Eric ukiss kevin Kevin Woo mygif3 asc eric nam after school club ep 65 140513 i think this is so cute tbh just like my other gifset where dongho was like: yeah kevin was at church for like 10 hours nbd i still haven't gifed my question moment but now i'm kinda lazy lol (are these gifs making up for the lack of reblogs the past few days OTL)
This whole notion of doing only work that you love has always affronted me but I’ve lacked the articulation to be able to explain my objecti...
* lord of the rings aragorn The Lord of the Rings game of thrones robb stark bran stark gandalf A Song of Ice and Fire Eddard Stark elrond benjen stark crossover: a song of rings and many orcs and the ring too let's pretend Ned looks like Boromir only because they're distantly related or smth eh? I'm sorry my colours are all over the place but I'm awful at colourings and making them match gah It kind of looks like a trailer a shitty fanmade trailer but yeah it took me 4 hours to make this so I'm not thinking of re-making it so I hope you'll like it
sam winchester spn Jared Padalecki spnedit mine spn i'm making a lot of these sort of sets because i made a psd i actually love and i'm waiting for my download to finish
my edits supernatural dean winchester castiel destiel spn edits more5000 dean looks like he's thinking 'oh shit i'm gay'
louis tomlinson 1k One Direction edit I've been thinking about making something like this for like a month
Harry Styles * myedit harry 2014: uk he's like merida thinking abt how to change his fate if u can't tell i'm going through hqs from this week i dnl posting a lot of edits gross but i needed to crop undesirables
edits Bring Me The Horizon bmth oliver sykes Graphic Oli I really like making these
1k MY EDIT 5k 10k i tried lotredit series: lord of the rings hobbitedit series: the hobbit botfa spoilers winterthirst text post meme howlingsoldier i'm going to h ell for making fun of faramir so much anD THORIN BBy I'M SORry these are so much fun i'm  sorry i'm really not that funny pft