• i'm torturing myself making these •
my stuff The X Files mine: x files mulder x scully sorry for the huge photoset non-xphiles followers duane barry is next on my rewatch. WELP. i'm torturing myself making these xf [all] abduction arc xf parallels
They say its usually the loudest people that carry the most pain
1k ughh ~mine being human ~gif mitchell aidan turner being human uk john mitchell I'm terrible to myself torturing myself with his face offensive asshole
mine Black and White hot vintage stop edit old omfg rough reblog janoskians snapback selfie lb keek luke brooks scratched Janoskianator janoskinator
1k mygif Grey's Anatomy CALZONA callie torres arizona robbins greysedit hey i'm torturing myself and i thought i'd share goodbye
doctor who karen gillan Arthur Darvill MY EDIT Forgot DARVILLAN dw confidential dwedit johnny campbell yes i'm rewatching confidential in hd and torturing myself with golden collection of all these precious moments while i can't move on and while i wail to the moon COME BACK BOTH OF YOU also always pissing myself over karen's arguments yes for sure WHO WOULDN'T FORGET TO STOP WHILE GROPING DARVILL bless your face kazza
Fail exo exo k chanyeol merinestuff gorgeous mofo exopicspam torturing myself by making this ;;;;;;;;;;;;;
celebrities music :( Michael Jackson MJJ King of pop I'm so sorry MJFAM i'm torturing myself
heath ledger brokeback mountain jake gyllenhaal mine* jfc why do i keep torturing myself with all of these brokeback gifs? hurts like a motherfuck alright most painful otp ever tbh
video games clementine just no I'm done here the walking dead game lee everett telltale games mytwdg1 twdg1 why am i torturing myself like that.... I don't want to see him die again
justin bieber selena gomez jelena tears my drawings Die In Your Arms i am torturing myself drawing these
my edits i'm making myself hungry. ;~;
mine tyler Tyler Oakley troye troye sivan troyler i'm so proud of myself for making these not gonna lie haha and sorry that their grey boxes aren't perfectly aligned
i couldn't stop myself from making these...
skyward sword nintendo legend of zelda the legend of zelda loz twilight princess wind waker phantom hourglass Four Swords Spirit tracks the minish cap the ocarina of time i can't believe I spent an hour making these i pissed myself laughing making them mut I'm probably the only person to find them funny
asap gifset i'm so sorry i'm trash this is so dumb i'm getting the flu i'm not myself i'm a serious graphic maker i said my blog is a very srs graphic making blog i said f: snk o ye its ofc based on the bilbo photoset uwu anime manga for ts not even gonna tag these with snk tags because i'm so sorry alwine started watching it today so i mean it's also a guide it's tru gifset for ts
community dan harmon u g h torturing myself
my shit Quinn Fabray 1000 why am I torturing myself?
my gifs tom hiddleston Chris Hemsworth Thor loki hello i am torturing myself