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Pleno século 21 e ainda não é possível imprimir gifs
Esse tumblr não é Activia mas vai fazer vc cagar de rir
pewdiepie idk I like his expressive face
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She Needs to Come Home
Clark Powell 
She Needs to Come Home Update music! This morning I was feeling pretty inspired....
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If you push a boy away
He’s not gonna come after you. He’s going to find a girl that “appreciates” him. If you act all damaged, he’s going to find a “normal” girl. If you move away from him, he isn’t going to grab you, hug you tight and make you kiss him. He’s going to think you’re not into him. This isn’t a movie. That s...
my work FMA Fullmetal Alchemist fullmetal alchemist brotherhood fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood t alphonse elric fmab Al elric Ugh the second gif is crappy if someone would be kindenough to tel me how to blend two frames together in CS3 that'd be amazing where the first and last frames are faded together to allow a smoother transition when the gif starts again This photoset took flipping hour started it at 8:45am finished at 12pm my laptop is so SLOW
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