• i also can't draw blood WELP •
blood My art fan art digital art gf gravity falls gravity falls spoilers gf spoilers bill cipher weirdmaggedon part 3 spoilers take back the falls spoilers boy howdy im dead this took a bit longer than it should have and im not sure why these were going to be different but my plans changed cause they weren't turning out right i still love blood rain and im sure it'll happen for eternity in bill's spot cause that's how he rolls everyone has done a redraw of this scene during the day so that's why i wanted to do different ones- but tbh my favorite IS the day one ahahaha also I can't write oops! i also can't draw blood WELP
but guys
1k film welp divergent FOURTRIS tobias eaton tris prior divergentedit otp: i am his and he is mine mine [9] my gifs [5] this is my fourtris song ok also lol because i can't color this movie for shit
Thor loki arts
Send me '?' and I will draw your muse horribly on MSPaint
Chris Pratt finally fucked up. Here’s the interview. Be warn though. Your fave is probably going to be your problematic fave now.
sorry Steve :(((BONUS: sorry Pietro
After far too long of working on it bit by bit, I’m finally done this project! tumblr won’t let me upload the song, so please  [CLICK TO LISTEN!] i stuck most of the song under a readmore to make it a bit less of an obnoxiously #long post , so I’d really appreciate it if you clicke...
blood homestuck gore jake english Dirk Strider art by kecky dirkjake decapitation headless dirk I'VE NEVER DRAWN SO MUCH BLOOD?
doodle levi also bonus shingeki no kyojin eruri erwin smith jearmin eruri week i can't fcking draw jean
are you ever drawing something and then in the middle of drawing it you just go “wait a minute i don’t know how to draw hands”
doodle can't stop me opm one punch man Genos saitama probably said something nice to him see how i immediately draw characters i like super cute
Pantherlily rboz: my art gajevy rboz: gajevycomics it kinda went nsfwish at the end as well---welp pls click the pictures if you can't read the text properly! it's better XD
sherlock sherlock holmes john watson bbc sherlock johnlock my fanart amirite I dunno guys at least I didn't draw the grave right next to the snow man also this wasn't entirely with sad in mind I can't make it that sad when it's Christmas
blood Fanart Clint Barton Hawkeye injury takingthegreyhound he's fun to draw though I'm sorry Clint you deserve better things also srry my use of red tends to be pretty unoriginal
poses helpfulthig reffed from google images and youtube and also my head dancing people r cute waltzes r really gorgeos i wanna draw a proper dancing pic the hiphop poses r quesionable bc i can't
mine Fanart heh I AM SO HAPPY Orphan Black tatiana maslany cosima niehaus WELPPPP WELP SHES SO CUTE AND SO SAD BECAUSE I THINK I WONT BE ABLE TO DRAW SOMETHING AS CUTE AGAIN i have two claire paxton doodles too under my fanart tag just saying
What my characters look like in my head What they look like when I try to draw them
homestuck idk homestuck comic Grand Highblood dualscar hhhhh long post blood // scopophobia // doodlecarnival teeth // eyes // gore // violence // death // murder // character death // this is also somewhat vent art uvu ye wounds // clubbing // LOL u know what i mean insane clowns and unbelievably annoying fish pirates i love them so much i mean i also wanted to draw them frick but EY lol is this nsfw btw? rly long post ye sadstuck //