• i am glad cap is in this movie too •
robert downey jr rdj Chris Evans Civil War i am glad cap is in this movie too
art Captain America Steve Rogers Marvel avengers marvel fanart oh crap work today why am I not sleeping
Captain America Steve Rogers mcu cap 2 Batroc the Leaper Batroc i had to look for this in color to confirm it was batroc i'm so glad ZE LEEPAIR is my batroc tag
* *gif Now You See Me do you know how long this took i am so glad just to publish it jesus i love this movie so much jesus
art Fanart my face hiccup stoick how to train your dragon 2 valka This movie so much to take in UGGHHH his mom is too cool man
doctor who Eleven i give up ????? dwedit cap meme i don't want to look at it anymore pammakesthings anon who r u so I can give this to you properly one down a ton more to go lol tbh I didn't think anyone would request something but turns out a lot did WHICH IS EXCITING TBH there's a couple of series ppl requested that I've never worked with and I am so excited im laughing inside bc this matches my layout I'll probably regret submitting this in 10 minutes or I'll notice something's wrong also idk how to do things on ps anymore the stripes are bothering me it's sharp too shhhiiiiiiiit whispers: I had a blast making the stars in the background
Chris Evans dakota fanning my gifset push gifset:movies nick gant cassie holmes i am so glad i rewatched this filmmmm his face is so stupid in the first one help me
What I want for Cap 3a storyline centered around Steve and Buckymore Sam WilsonflashbacksPeggy Cartertaking down Hydrafor Bucky to be happyfor Steve to be happyfor Bucky and Steve to be happy together- even if it’s just a couple lines of snark or sass or them being affectionate assholes to each othe...
gif * atla 3x05 misc Avatar: the last airbender *gif 2x20 etc azula Princess Azula 2x19 2x16 ty lee atlaedit atla ty lee never been much of a tyzula shipper since the power balance is too messed up for me to be comfortable with this pairing but ty lee was crushing HARD on azula i am so glad bisexual ty lee is Real
hayao miyazaki howl's moving castle edits that studio ghibli so exam season is a time where i do a lot of cap spams bc it is therapeutic for some odd reason and the fact that i have a lot of half-finished stuff lying in my photoshop folders that needed to be cleared out but hey there is still 3 1/2 weeks left till i am finally free from exams!!! expect a few more cap spams in the meantime and after that i will start work on those fanmix requests ......from last year @_@
my gifs mine the hobbit fili kili Thorin hobbitedit bofa spoilers dON'T LOOK AT ME I'M NOT READY FOR THIS DUMB MOVIE also we need more fili in the next trailer
I DEDICATE THIS TO YOU ~Mine~ free! nanase haruka tachibana makoto you are my family nanase makoharu otp: it's meaningless without you thank you for being who you are i am glad i got to know you also thank you to the entire makoharu fandom in general. you are all wonderful people and i am being an old emotional fart i am sorry being in love with this pair is hard
I hate 2003 movie Lost In Translation and you should too
So, for a while now I’ve been making scattered posts about how much I hate this movie, and when asked why I replied: well, it’s fuckin racist (and misogynistic as well we’ll talk about it). Dropping my trademark lowercase typing for a more legible text here but we’re in for a...
mine castiel Misha Collins spn spnedit spnedits i love how disdainful he looks in this cap me too cas me too
1k Thor *gif do you no really i am Thoredit THAT IS IT thor week entry: thor fans i am so glad we have a week like this do you realize how important this character is to me now to answer i think what draws me to blondie is everything here in this post
disney wreck it ralph disney i know you aren't gonna put mario in the movie stop teasing my heart ps felix is too kawaii for this world
free am i too late for this nanase haruka makoto tachibana makoharu free eternal summer MAKOHARU IN TOKYO IS CANON BITCHES
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