• i am going to write about this convo in greater detail to send in a letter to lin but i just •
I feel like this is something Lin Manuel needs to hear
Bear with me. linmanuel thefederalistfreestyle publius-esquireI have been talking about my grandmother a lot this past week or so, and here I am talking about her again. But this needs to be shared.Today is her 88th birthday, and while I helped her get ready for the day, I put on Hamilton.Now, my gr...
My Muse is dead, but they left yours a letter! Send a ✖ to see what it says.
mine lauren jauregui dinah jane hansen otp: maybe they're just meant to hug my face all the time [cries] otp i could write paragraphs about how much i care about this dynamic and i'm not gonna lie to you i almost did just write a paragraph and a half on them in the tags but then i noticed a typo and the fact that i was just rambling about faces and i had to go back oh i forgot to tag laurnah I'VE MADE SO MANY MISTAKES
writing a paper: too perfectionist to do a shitty job too exhausted to do a good job
gifs Alex Turner AND I JUST and your eyes ive been listening to abwbimh the whole day and i cant stop thinking about how you felt while listening to it i already found it sososo lovely when i saw you wearing bill's shirt even before i listened to his music and now that means a lot more to me his music is so painfully beautiful (this must be like the 5th time im saying this) and i cant stop thinking about how that affected you (sometimes i listen to the songs that remind me of you and i cant!! stop thinking about how these songs affect you) so!! anyway i had to gif this video i'm pretty sure it has already been giffed it was so hard to finish because i cant stop looking at the way your fingers are intertwined and then you press them more against each other how can every single detail about you be so beautiful also the way you try to avoid the camera im so so sorry i promise im gonna try not to write a monologue in the tags again but i CANt help it i need to say these things i love everything everything everything about you every single detail
Morrigan dragon age daedits gamediting sin** dorianpavus IS THERE ANYTHING MORE IMPORTANT TO ME THAN MAGES morrigan's ruthless survivalist nature appeals to me so much because she's incredibly self-aware except when it comes to admitting her feelings :') she lies to herself about some things but... she is aware of what is going on in the rest of the world and she's so cunning she is aware of how mages and elves are oppressed but she doesn't believe in risking her neck to free those who can't free themselves yet she is idealistic to a degree? she /wants/ change; she welcomes change and you can be sure she is pulling her own strings in DA:I as she always is this line gets to me so much; i need no faith for magic to fill me up inside god i love how morrigan never apologizes for who she is; i love that so much because the norm is for mages born in circles to regret their lot in life; the burden of being born a mage (unless you're in tevinter) but morrigan was never in a circle and she relishes in it and ughhh i love you so much several of the other companions get into convos with her abt how she's so cruel and she'll die alone etc and this was in a convo with leliana about the maker and god it's JUST MORRIGAN FINDS SOLACE IN MAGIC OTHER MAGES HATE THEMSELVES FOR THEIR MAGIC BUT SHE FINDS SOLACE AND SECURITY IN IT
I want you to read this. I don’t want to link the article because they say some pretty ignorant things but this I thought important. I know we are all like “how can they go on without Zayn?” but they have to. We have to. For Zayn. The real danger lies not with the loss of a band member but a loss of...
I've decided I'm going to write a letter to Dreamworks Animation to tell them how much people really...
I plan on writing and mailing the letter by March 31, so you have all month to reblog this. Here’s the information about Dreamworks losing money due to RotG: xx
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sherlock anderson he just fucking sweeps in here in his long coat and sexy hair and here i am doing some actual fucking work easy for him to be so sassy and genius about everything he is not the one filling in all those fucking papers about his fucking cases he thinks he's so cool with his deduction i would like to see how long he would last in this fucking cubical trying to write down how on fucking earth he got all the fucking evidence because really what the fuck am i suppose to write that he fucking looked at the man and knew he had five cats a drunk donkey wife addiction to building barbie houses and a bear in his bas... fuck you sherlock just fuck you
going to see Tim Gunn say words tonight also had a work convo relating to this that was promising in other ways that's like code or something
1k mine sherlock God 4 mine: sherlock mine: edits mine: typography end. bowl is too busy and scared about her future so here have the i don't know is it minimalistic? is it typography? I'm just scared that 10 years from now we will all met again and we will realise that none of us is doing what he always wanted to do I am scared no one's going to be happy and that I won't be happy and it's just weird that somehow people want you to KNOW everything when you are only 17 like how the hell am I supposed to decide about my future when I burn all the pancakes out and can't even talk to new people how am I to choose the college and the person I want to become? ah rambles rambles the things is sometimes my head is just so full of thoughts and it helps me when I write them down write them out of my mind though I should use notebooks for this not tags what is worse though is that I don't think I am procrastinating I think I'm just doing ANYthing else just to stop being scared and stop thinking but once you start to think you can't stop
*binge watches television series that are 15 years old instead of facing my rapidly approaching real life problems*
You know what if that shitty post about Markiplier going from “yes hi nice to meet you” to “ya daughter also calls me daddy” was about a female youtuber, tumblr would be fucking up in arms. But nah, cause he’s a due, it’s totes ok!!Haha, just having fun on tumbler dot com :)
fucking hell i really need to go to bed i swear to fucking god when i don't see this at the end of the series my heart is going to shatter into fragments my stomach feels like it's in my mouth just thinking about it there will never be a good time to try and process this but 1:30am is probably one of the worse
my gifs mine tom hiddleston *1k hiddlesedit hiddlestonedit *2k *3k letters live hiddleston daily *tom gifs *letters live 2015 just my fave bit from the letter
jennifer lawrence sigh because of 2012 i have fallen in love with you extreme sigh recents*