• i am sincerely so irritated •
Darren Criss © i sincerely SINCERELY apologize for the hirschwin theater gif like i'm so sorry its all darrens fault
“nuh uh ganondorf” “DON’T U GO THERE GIRLFRAN”
edits 1000 tonari no kaibutsu kun Natsume Asako sasahara souhei Sasayan sasanatsu otp: irritated when i see you
Dear MTV, I am very offended that I was not in your tumblr documentary. Fuck you. SIncerely, A real ...
1k v bts jin jimin Bangtan suga rap monster grx jhope jungkook so i was inspired by this beautiful block b graphic and a big bang graphic i recently reblogged i sincerely hope theyre not completely similar ;_;
Sokka A:TLA atla zuko suki Avatar: the last airbender *mine Prince Zuko *atla Master Piandao out on a life changing trip with zuko dear spongebender this is so ugh i'm sincerely sorry i didn't have enough time to change it and i didn't want to keep you waiting so .--. i tried :((
otp sigh at all tonari no kaibutsu kun (e) sighs deeply Natsume Asako tnkk Sasayan i can't stop waiting for more development in the manga for them the way sasayan always is there for her and is the one to notice everything about her he's the only guy she trusted and had a friendship with she doesn't need to love him but i can see her falling for him slowly she already is he's not a passive aggressive 'nice guy' and i love that about sasayan he respects natsume and wants a friendship with her above his feelings his feelings are there but he loves being her friend right now the most so i am like really in love with this pairing more than i thought i would since this pair would be the trope pair the spares but they're not spares! they're great main characters who happen to have a beautiful and healthy friendship chapter 35 is my favorite chapter now
  • Doctor Who Fandom:You know who we need for Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary?
  • Doctor Who Fandom:All the characters since 2005.
I sincerely apologize for everyone who followed me thinking I was a good and quality blog.
lupita nyong’o, like matthew mcconaughey, portrayed a real-life person who is no longer alive and was so self-aware and graceful to automatically recognize patsey’s struggles. mcconaughey called himself his hero and never even mentioned the victims of HIV/AIDS despite the fact that he wo...
Derek is very sexy and a lot of people are going to want to chain that up.
we spread exo’s name all over the world we gained some new jokes and we gained new exo stans let’s focus on the good things!
Harry Styles candids: 2012 i sincerely hope u go bald
i got a preowned copy of pokemon sapphire, so i snooped around in the game a little bit, and the only pokemon they had left was a magikarp with this letter attached to it:
  • Normal people flirting:hey youre cute we should go out sometime (;
  • Me trying to flirt:so do you like breadsticks
why am i watching so much wizards of waverly place i am a grown ass man
watercolor handwriting advice artists on tumblr i used to get really irritated when things didnt go as planned but thats not a fun way to be!
tony stark avengers I AM CRYING i am SCREAMING rhodey but guys wednesday spoilers I AM SO HAPPY i am sorry i don't even care i like to wait a little longer before i post page LOOK... ignore the shit art BUT LOOK AT RHODEY JOING THEM