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Things I Never Learned In High School
How to do taxes What taxes are How to vote What political parties are How to write a resume/cover letter/anything related to getting a job How to write a check/balance a check book Anything to do with banking How to do loans for college How to jump start a car or other basic emergency things How to ...
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film Picspam pulp fiction the departed Scarface Reservoir Dogs boardwalk empire public enemies the sopranos goodfellas The Godfather Eastern Promises Casino mean streets The Usual Suspects bonnie & clyde Once Upon A Time In America the untouchables things to do in denver when you're dead carlito's way
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Arthur Pendragon TV: Merlin Merlin BBC Merlin merthur merlin emrys merlinedit season five ship: merthur tas makes things once and future queue c: arthur pendragon c: merlin emrys bbcemrys bbcarthur DO YOU LOVESICK POODLES EVEN SEE YOURSELVES I S2G S5 WAS SUCH A GOLDMINE OF MERTHUR EYEFUCKING SUPER QUALITY WOULD RECOMMEND will i stop making gifsets of the two of them eyefucking the answer is no at least not until christmas break when i can actually hAVE FUN WITH PHOTOSHOP BUT UNTIL THEN TWO CRAPPY GIFS IDK
Iran Marjane Satrapi
game of thrones catelyn stark Petyr Baelish gotedit gotcatelynstark gotpetyrbaelish petyr you creep you surely don't get 'no' for an answer idk i had this in my drafts for a few days but if you ask me it's not love it's obsession especially when you can clearly see cat doesn't give a fuck about his feelings for her
onew ok so can you not Weakness also GUH i cannot I GET IT gif:onew you have nice hair we all get it how can you be calm when he does all those things right in front of you q: not on my dash
Let’s play “yes” or “no.” You ask me questions on anonymous or not, and I can only answer YES or NO.
gpoy glee art
feminism rape culture I saw this poster at a union protest and was like wait hold the fuck up is that poster telling men to stop doing shitty things instead of blaming women? Holy shit that shit is revolutionary
australia list courage the cowardly dog spiders public speaking silent hill slenderman Resident Evil 4 flying cockroaches 5 scariest things
woohyun sungyeol 1000 19900105 gif wooyeol i'm really getting worried about your relationships HAHAHAHHAHAHAA CAN YOU NOT IN PUBLIC wtf is quality
artwork Thor idek loki WIP Laufey DADDY ISSUES jotun random loki things wippy thing not sure im gonna finish it helmet kink i havent done anything digital in forever ok i know it sucks asgard i-made-it asgard i made it asgard arts
I am very proud of my fancy graphic It is hard to use computer things with small feet p.s. i am not a prize only one dinosaur is brave travelling dinosaur here it is green sweater dinosaur human friend will also reblog but can not be picked
Niall's doing naughty things in public, Louis finally got his boat, Harry and Niall wore their OnePi...
But wait….. oh crap management is going to get on Niall for it…..