• i cant even tell you if thats a dimple or not im just so •
evidence that if zayn had dimples id be fucked up
Harry TMH
Harry Styles  Take Me Home
Harry Styles in Take Me Home (+Bonus Tracks)
happy all time low Jack Barakat Alex Gaskarth rian dawson zack merrick oh well heroes atl edit i cant tell if i like this or not
LITERALLY how can this petition possibly still be struggling to break 70k signatures?? are you against more measures to keep cops from killing black people in the streets? in their own homes? please signal boost this petition to all your social media sites.
gifs exo Kai exo k jongin jongingifs MY LAPTOP IS SO SLOW I SPENT THE WHOLE TIME MAKING THIS and i cant even tell if it looks okay cause my screen is messed up andd im not even gonna try anymore
drawing mine Black and White transit if you guys cant tell by my posts lately im really into transit you can't miss it you cant miss it
when people think youre straight
Happy Pride to my mythicals: the bisexuals, asexuals, pansexuals, aromantics, demisexuals and anyone else who “doesn’t exist”. We are real and we are here to kick ass
welcome to night vale wtnv baby buddha speaks i cant tell if they're dating or just tight friends but i dont care they're so cute
mygifs daily grace grace helbig champagne toast dailygrace I think so okay thats enough tags mydamnchannel happy five years grace im saying that as if she reads my tags lol its like one am right now and im queueing this isnt queue a weird word why cant we just say q because thats easier to spell im qing the post
hetalia digital APH CANADA APH France papa france the best papa i was actually gonna do a group pic with seychelles and monaco in there too but i liked this better so it stuck no i dont ship franada but france s a hella great papa yall cant deny i accidently slept through french today i woke up at 1:40 thats kinda insane its not like im lacking sleep so idk what happened im not entirely sure if meilleur is actually the best word? another option was mieux but i think this one makes more sense? idk im only taking french one dont judge me but if yall got a better word please tell me
which one are you tag meme chloe .pic i cant tell if im joshua or martha
1k gifs f(x) Krystal CN Blue minhyuk heirs the inheritors im pretty sure thats what he said lul cant even tell me theyre not the cutest
ocs arting i cant tell if these are good or not im just......outtie....
giveaway homestuck giveaway homestuck andrew hussie mspaintadventures what pumpkin topatoco pizza hut horns wigs fucking homestuck yo. snazaroo homestuck cosplayers this is for you Akujinscos tubbycustard giveaway
psa about rping with me
me: there is no way you can ruin this show morewriters: challenge accepted
work i cant tell if theyre terrible or not for the record i didnt mispell mountains i just squished the letters together so i crossed it out hah
1k * tony stark Steve Rogers okay ??? Civil War minemarvel captainamericaedit marvel crack sgtjimbarnes howlingsoldier civil war meme sebastianfucker richardarmitakeme richardgecko captnadorable grootmorning fenrishonk lmao i thought u guys might appreciate idk if this has even been done yet LMFAO im sorry im only capable of shitposting anymore what is wrong w me LOL OK IM DONE TAGGIN PPL yes i know it should be tony whats good I GOT IT FROM THE TWITTER POST aND I WASNT THINKING ALSO since some ppl cant take a joke i do not think that tony is in the wrong or steve is 100% in the right i am neutral THIS IS JUST A JOKE SHITPOST