• i did all of this just for the ACTION GRANDPA line •
skyward sword link legend of zelda loz RAH Boy Wonder medicom Real Action Heroes FUCK I WANT YOU SO BAD
robert downey jr tony stark tom hiddleston The Avengers Chris Hemsworth Thor loki black widow scarlett johansson photoshop took a dump just tagging the ones i have a consistent tag for i really fucking love this line
gif * mine The Chronicles of Narnia the lion the witch and the wardrobe narnia skandar keynes *movies *narnia all my babies I am cry ;_; I had to do this bit cause I just love his line I'm now going to finish hart of dixie and sleep
art valentines day Teen Wolf i feel bad but i'm not even done part the first of two because i dislike mixing fandoms in a single post possibly three if i don't just insensitive my way to sleep NOBODY SAW THE EXTRA FINGER speak of this to no-one durinism
you know like how andreas gifs this took me a week to make i mean I did all of the doctors and and then the clock was a bitch to do and i had to fix one of clock because it didn't move in the right way which took me another hour to fix so thank you for liking this and reblogging my hard work just don't steal it that's all i ask of you
fall out boy screams joe trohman just look at his fucking fac
* zachary quinto chris pine i love it 2009 was a golden year god bless 2009 star trek press tour interviews the videos may have been shitty quality but the content the content just makes up for all of it i would sell my brother for high quality versions of some of the interviews they did in 2009 who do i speak to about this
disney felix wreck it ralph fix it felix calhoun wir tamora jean calhoun laffy taffy sergeant tamora hean calhoun
* game of thrones got ooo gurl what is this i just liked that whole ~prophecy bit for all we know the queen is myrcella who i almost did put on here but this was enough work for today SANSA FOR QUEEN IN THE NORTH ok thank you GOODBYE a song of tears and fire
1k * glee rachel berry sigh otp of all otps ignore this Jesse St. James St. Berry otp : for you i just got serious st. berry feels today i laugh in the faces of people that try to tell me jesse didn't love rachel and not only did he in season one he never freaking stopped loving her
looking for a boy taller than 5’8 who will take me to parties and punch other boys for meĀ 
social anxiety
Demi Lovato The X Factor don't Let's talk about this moment for minute Like how much this tore me into a thousand different pieces How I felt like I couldn't breathe because I was crying so damn hard Tears were everywhere And so were my feels They were just spilling all over the place And I couldn't stop I went from crying to sobbing to sobbing to crying because this part of the show just had my emotions all kinds of fucked up And then my precious baby Demetria is bawling her eyes out and just no Don't cry bb My heart couldn't take it The pain in Jillian's voice when she was singing killed a part of me She did such a good job though
Illustration art horror ink body horror i have a scanner now that's why this is all happening i mostly just stared at suehiro maruo's work and cried ink tears
robert downey jr. iron man tony stark The Avengers feminism Natasha Romanoff black widow scarlett johansson natasha romanov reposting 'cause just noticed the old pic had that wonky youtube mini view thing
art My art animal crossing tutorial new leaf
But whatever okay sloth the weekenders Tino Tonitini Carver Descartes Lor McQuarrie weekenders Tish Katsufrakus drunkhogwarts so i was watching this episode and then this part came on AND I JUST COULDN'T NOT GIF IT but i did use some creativity when making the gifs because if you watch it all doesn't line up
What the hell just happened?!?!?! Hussie... are you reviving me or kissing me? And where did this al...
Romeo and Juliet 1996 Baz Luhrmann okay imma finish the movie if you want me to gif any scenes just message me i wont spam you all with my feelings and screen caps i think my tag for this movie is still broken from the last time i did that