Kids React to 5 Seconds of Summer [x]
1k MY EDIT 500 Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii Nike Remercier The World is Still Beautiful livius orvinus ifriqiyah *soredemo OK SO APPARENTLY HIS AGE IS ACTUALLY CLOSER TO 15 EVEN THO HE LOOKS LIKE 12 I'M SO GLAD I DON'T FEEL LIKE SUCH A PEDO NOW these two are too fucking cute uGH edit ideas
ravi whoops forgot to tag vixx HongBin wonshik RaBin xmygif they are so stupid they are soooooooo cute okay and sometimes they are in sync and it's crazy of course the first one is my favorite and the last one and the second to last one and they are just cute cute cute when they want to be anyway i'll make another rabin gifset soon this wasn't even the one i wanted to make BUT IT JUST HAPPENED so there will be another one event ually SPECIAL THANKS TO ESRA because i struggled so much with thinking of moments and i almost went crazy but i think we came up with good ones another special thanks to nhyung because i would have never found the video for the second gif without her esra and i were like ??????????NOIDEA??????? i tried to color these really well and make them nice and bright and i hope they came out okay these are the times i don't want to kill rabin
louis and harry are both super dumb and hack their friends’ twitters to tweet dumb shit and copious self-praise and it’s actually super cute let’s start with The Worst one frankly indistinguishable from half his usual tweets harry is amused by it and it’s cute zayn is les...
my gifs mine 2k disney princesses *mulan Disneyedit *cinderella *sleepingbeauty *snowwhite *aladdin *pocahontas *beautyandthebeast *thelittlemermaid *theprincessandthefrog i made these as sidebars but i figured it'd be a cute set yes i am making another of these featuring rapunzel merida anna and elsa don't worry i have already made rapunzel actually but they take time so idk when the next set will be ready i like how they came out actually aurora was so much fun finding full body shots of all of them wasn't fun fact jasmine's upper body and legs are from 2 different scenes
1k * mine Ewan McGregor mcgregoredit ewanmcgregoredit leonard-sexyface-mccoy godsstandupforbastards i cannot even tbh i just look at him and smile like an imbecile look at the phillip morris one. so blonde and so cute jfc also theses gifs are so ugly omg but i don't even care because he's such a beautiful sunshine
Fanart artwork important i quite like this haikyuu azumane asahi Nishinoya Yuu asanoya there is movement in this I think I like Noya's face the most personally even though the sketch was done in like 5 minutes and there are probably mistakes but I DON'T CARE IT IS CUTE
One Direction colourisation photoshoot: 2012 time to express my feelings i don't understand zayn's face tbqh?? he's so pretty wtf terminate yourself is louis christian grey i don't understand i'm sad harry. i. literally don't even want to talk about he's disgusting and liam babe. not your best one but cute lbr also. niall. i don't know what he's trying to achieve with his cute lil nose and freckles and his /almost/ brown hair end yourself too m8 why are they the way they are and why do i love them so much i stg this is getting unhealthy
concept art and i want because Air Acolytes practically art book one that guy in the middle I want to know more about him he and gao could be bff's to storyboard a sequence with korra and the airbender kids causing mayhem and destruction and interact with the acolytes I love background characters so much and I wanna cry because we know nothing about them besides what Mike said I want to include them in scenes especially when they're a part of the location book one made it feel deserted besides the OWL guards Korra and Tenzin's family except when they needed air acolytes for things like cleaning up korra's mess and carrying in asami's luggage and pema's delivery doesn't even need to be anything big with them but just incorporating them more in scenes in the future would be lovely forgive my wall of tags I really love these character designs I just wish we could've seen more of them and actually I don't think all of these were used so
mine just because this is for you because they are so happy and i don't even know what it is they are doing but i love it anyway tamee you are my friend like that
art animals thingsilove kittens and ugh alskfjlkdsfjlkdjf im going to do one of like puppies and sweater vests omg look how cute they are lsakfldsakfjklsdflkdsjf i felt weird making this because i was like 'i dont own any of these images' but then i was like 'i dont even own half of the images i edit so....' why not post it?
My art valentines day i'm sorry snk shingeki no kyojin and cheesy so much pink Marco Bodt Jean Kirschtein what is the point jeanmarco i mean pink is probably one of my favourite colors but i might have an overdose with that comic idk if it's even understandable my writer skills are extremely weak if i have any actually but it's supposed to be cute also my school does this stuff were we sell roses for vday and we donate the money for an association don't tell me marco wouldn't contribute to an event like this the kids probably on the student council or something he would be so cute with all the roses actually i made a doodle maybe i'll upload it later if i remember ah... SHIT I ALMOST DELETED THE POST FUCKIN UPDATE WHY WOULD THE STAFF SWITCH THE DELETE AND THE POST BUTTON
my edits arrow oliver queen but they are cute arrowedit felicity smoak olicity olicityedit arrow:mine for whoever likes olicity this is one ship i like and i don't even watch nor do i plan to lol and felicity is the cutest also forhead kisses
* mine Graphic winona ryder p sure these are stills from a movie but i've never seen it so i'm not gonna bother including that info cause i don't wanna be fake and i like these pics for purely aesthetic reasons
1k * Teen Wolf stiles stilinski allison argent twedit stallison mcsciles i have no idea why this took so long i just couldn't make up my mind about anything so yeah sorry it really wasn't worth the wait but hey these two are cute why don't they have more scenes together
torcon my torcon i'm so late posting these aha i don't care i'm nostalgic a man amazing beauty nova face
spoilers mine ugh Teen Wolf *2 derek hale tyler hoechlin Tyler Posey Scott McCall okay can we talk about derek's face for a second this scene kind of broke my heart? because he looks like he's genuinely hurt by what scott said crys i have so many derek feelings i know he's like officially the dumbest gawd but still my favorite? i don't even know why i love you derek! you don't even know what a laptop is! what are you even i demand more information! damn i forget spoilers tag again damn it it's your fault derek
never in my life have i heard of natalia kills or willy moon those sound like 2007 myspace names