• i don't have a Vine account so i don't know exactly how it works •
iron man tony stark Captain America Steve Rogers Thor avengers Clint Barton Hawkeye Maria Hill Natasha Romanoff Nick Fury black widow hulk bruce banner because i can my stuff: gifs I made a thing oh wow pepperony pepper potts phil coulson vine Clintasha i made this before i... because happiness i'm going to post happy things from now on sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes i don't have a Vine account so i don't know exactly how it works
mine sorry The Avengers Thor thor odinson loki Loki Laufeyson and yes don't hate me Thoredit I DON'T KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS I'm just gonna post it but it took so samn long hate photoshop i know it's a quote from THG but it works so perfectly
:) my gifs Korra lok mako makorra Legen Of Korra peace out hope you like it! M-e didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to but psssh whatever so I don't really ship these two...like at all but I know there's a lot of you out there that love the pairing so this one's for you I hope everyone realizes that it is possible to respect all ships just because you don't ship it doesn't mean you have to be rude towards those who do
<3 quality content poop cw friends can somebody explain to me how streaming photoshop works? I made an account on livestream.com today but I do not unterstand oh wait I forgot fences cw so I made an account on livestream.com but I don't really understand the site yet I am using photoshop CS6 I think it would be really lovely if we could make like a request stream where you could request stuff and I would draw it? like a little thank you stream because you are all really nice beans
thing i have learned from tumblr
not to be a dick the supernatural fandom has a gif for every damn thing everyone always gets offended ways to murder people survival tips in the case of being buried alive, a zombie apocalypse, and/or a regular apocalypse feminism writing tips people do beautiful art fandoms are painful you can make...
The little hints that the members are dropping to show they’re not against Kris makes me so proud.
mine 1000 i don't know how to gif anymore dw edit river song edit rd edit I feel like I've spent too much time on this au fic I need to practice sorry if the results aren't good if anyone has prompt - I know I still have one to do I haven't forgotten but I want simply things you know like if anyone want a scene or a parallel... just so I can learn how ps works again
mine klaine glee i was bored so i did this i like it a lot rn but i don't know how i'll feel about it in the morning
gif amy poehler I'm sorry I don't have a wireimage account so I have to make other things this kid tho
do you ever cry because harry looks fantastic in hoodies, sweaters (or jumpers, whatever tickles your fancy) coats (basically anything with long sleeves) and scarves? because you’re about to¬†(????) (not included: blazers. i don’t got that kinda time) it counts shut up plus look how ...
edward elric Winry Rockbell Fullmetal Alchemist Edwin Hoskky draws i forgot I'd drawn that I don't know how old it is exactly A year? probably around the time i was thinking about old pairings and drew that TomoSaku pic
My art FMA Fullmetal Alchemist Roy Mustang riza hawkeye Royai I don't know how rain works OR how animation works so I might post the drawing without the rain later
mine kanye west Vince Staples honestly this video is hysterical my friend and i watched it about 20 times in a row 'if you a rapper in 2017 and you don't have some sort of allegiance to the kardashian family' 'i don't know how i see your trajectory going'
mystuff paws ed sheeran but idc ginger jesus Teddy Sheeran sheerios I thought I'd share it with you guys I don't know if it really works
Larry Stylinson mine merch also sorry 2015 Calendar don't tell me this isn't what's happening here this is the first time i've tried something with gimp i don't know how it works lol if you see a proper version of this let me know thank you
my gifs I DON'T KNOW I don't like this ugh ten Tenth Doctor my poor bb 10th doctor my things dwedit it looks shitty rtdedit especially the font but I'm tired and I have to go so here it is also fuck you tumblr for being such a jerk and not letting me upload the gifs on a side note i wanted to make clear how the contrast look how happy and carefree he beings and he ends up so broken and fucked up
n ken ravi vixx jaehwan what do i know vixxtv it was beautiful xmygif so i know it's long after his birthday but i rewatched this and laughed so much he's a mess and i love him for it he was too happy and i love this episode AND I PUT A WATERMARK ON THIS and i don't like it it looks tacky but i left it to make me seem cooler and stuff as a gifmaker because that's how that works right but i love how n kept trying to get him to talk to the fans and then he just says that and i just really love ken okay bye
mygifs doctor who ok Regina Spektor i don't even know what this it but it took me ages so love it i'm not going to tag all of you