• i don't know her •
Emma Watson what an angel i don't know where this came from but look at her
thgedit emilys edits i don't know i don't know i don't know don't ask me
tbh your opinion on zayn and perrie’s relationship is irrelevant because well….he has her face tattoo’d on him….she has a ring…..and you have a blog….i mean really who’s winning
lana parrilla gif 6 my bby wool grill literally don't know what i would do if i met her i would just embarrass myself so bad
* friends F.R.I.E.N.D.S marta kauffman I don't know how i ended up watching a 20 minute interview with her on larry king but i was pleasantly surprised
we never even seen captain phasma’s face and people already drawing her skinny n white like…when will it end
sometimes i feel so bad for lucifer imagine you’re a little kid and you have the coolest dad in the whole world like he takes you to baseball games all the time and teaches you how to drive an ATV and sits up on friday nights with you eating pizza rolls and watching cartoons and then one day h...
armie hammer and also alicia vikander It's been a year gallya Illya Kuryakin the man from uncle i don't know how to color gaby teller HUHUHUH THE WAY HE LOOKS AT HER apparently my last gif was august 2014 i don't know how to font gifs:uncle
my dad had a skype interview today so he was sitting in the living room looking all professional in his suit and tie and everything while he’s talking to the people who are interviewing him. and OF COURSE my cat decided that she NEEDED to speak at that moment so she just starts meowing left and righ...
game of thrones emilia clarke daenerys targaryen gotedit i don't know man f:edit i just want to gif her face
* glee rachel berry finn hudson finchel those are the last words he said to her on screen bye also i don't know how to color glee anymore
Harry Styles I DON'T KNOW meh ^ part of 'what the fuck is samantha doing with her life'
** the vampire diaries stefan salvatore caroline forbes photoset* steroline tvdedit tvdspoilers LOOK AT HOW HE LOOKS AT HER AND TELL ME HE'S NOT IN LOVE WITH HER i actually can't handle anything like i don't know what to do AND SHE LIKE LITERALLY HOLDS HER BREATH WHEN HE GRABS HER HAND the next time he shuts her up with his touch it better be his lips on hers
homestuck Rose Lalonde I DON'T KNOW crows are magicy right
LOL * divergent FOURTRIS divergentedit tobias is like conceal don't feel don't let HER know
mine 1000 gif* Buffy the vampire Slayer BTVS buffy summers btvs* wordsandzombies ladysummers i don't know what this is don't ask basically buffy is just fab and i wanted to gif her ok so yay!!
by me game of thrones got spoilers long post tw: body horror GoT edits birgitte hjort sørensen karsi I don't even know her name I just saved these as 'whaserface' but I loved her apparently is her name
:( game of thrones Sansa Stark mine: gif ....... *mine* got spoilers *1k *500 tw: abuse gotedit mine: new gotsansastark what am i even talking about got s5 I don't know why I keep making gifs from this scene I think this is my way of idk give her love I can't really explain it just feels weird because I know that some people can't even bare to look at her but idk I just... I don't want to shut it out I face it like I would in real life; I'd look her in the eyes and I would not turn my head when I'd see her suffer I'd probably end up crying with her