• i don't know what i'm doing with myself but it doesn't look like work •
mine robin dick grayson Nightwing tim drake young justice yj i don't know what i'm doing with myself but it doesn't look like work
every time I see a male rapist talking about “I didn’t know that was rape, I thought rape was something else” I worry that people’s takeaway is going to be “this is what rape culture does to men, we need to teach men about consent” and not “rapists are filth...
mystuff yup bioshock I don't know what I'm doing anymore ah well Bioshock Infinite Robert Lutece elizabeth comstock rosalind lutece bioshockedit ehhhhhhhhhhhh playing around with the size limit i like the first but the second... do i still tag the luteces if they're yellow rubber blobs? just gonna force myself to post it
! k tom hiddleston yayyyyy hiddles jan hiddlestoner in life does it look like i know what i'm doing because obviously i don't this reminds me of valentines day
my gifs greg The Beast over the garden wall wirt otgw spoilers otgw edit do I have comments on this one we just don't know the text is a lil' blurry because tumblr doesn't even know what their doing with sizes but hopefully the colors look alright now
1k sunggyu sungjong myungsoo woohyun infinite sungyeol Dongwoo Hoya gif: Infinite * gifs can you believe i made another infinite x ____ thing and ifnt's mvs aren't as colourful and/or vibrant as i hoped for this gifset in order to look like a nice variety but i'm pretty happy with this! and i don't know what i'm doing with these dimensions i'm going back and forth
~ glee finn hudson i'm rachel i wanted to make this when the sneak came out but i waited there are still people in this world who don't find cory monteith attractive i don't get it tbh LIKE LOOK AT HIM???? ok this photoset makes sense right i'm scared it doesn't
talk 2 me about characters learning how to be cared about
hoo boy, here comes some serious talk about fandom mentality. I feel like there’s a huge failing on readers’ parts to communicate to fic authors how much they appreciate their works or how much it affects them, unless the fic is “fandom famous” for some reason. sometimes it ...
popular sherlock martin freeman Benedict Cumberbatch john watson johnlock I don't know what I'm doing anymore editgif kinda? i'm so sorry guys I'm down with flu so I'm cheering myself up runs and hides under blanket
oth naley nathan x haley othedit naleyedit otp: you make me brave I don't even know if I like this but i'm lazy and don't want to remake it
this is from 2 years ago this is from today i want answers
otp like ugh onew shinee k-will everybody era melon music awards 131114 jonghyun as well WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME BOY OK I'LL LET YOU OFF THIS TIME BECAUSE YOU'RE THE DOM OK I'll look away because I don't want to get in to trouble later but be gentle OK I'm annoying myself with the stupid fucking ridiculous story that has pinged ready-formed in to my mind after seeing this fancam GO AWAY HOT OT3
I DON'T KNOW so bye bucky barnes Sebastian Stan what are you talking about marveledit captainamericaedit buckybarnesedit *marvelgif i guess i really hate myself i woke up with bucky feels i'm not about to cry this is a mess of scenes i already used quote i probably already used too but focus on his eyes the second gif was supposed to be in black and white but i didn't like it that way marvel1k marvel2k
sherlock bbc sherlock jim moriarty my graphic sherlock graphic SherlockEdit hlv i don't really know what i'm doing with gifs but i wanted to make this it finally uploaded omg bless people who actually made tutorials for fixing the problem
It's April. I don't know you. I don't know if you had a bad month of March. I don't know if you, lik...
1k I DON'T KNOW kaya scodelario sobs Dylan O'Brien the maze runner Thomas Sangster gifs(3) it doesn't matter tmredit and yeah so on so on i wanted to put some text on it too but meh idk it would look weird and i wouldn't know what text to use i thought about quotes or the subject A1 A2 thing but i don't think alby or gally has an actual subject number... or do they? anyways yooooo also i wanted to add chuck too but he doesn't have an actual scene in the trailer where his face is visible : so i just left him out cause i'm a horrible person
1k MY EDIT horror Grunge Lindsay Lohan 3D carrie I don't know what I'm tagging this with anymore I'm really proud of this. It only took me like 4 minutes but I'm proud.
If I wanna be my friend u have to understand that sometimes I can’t cope with conversations. And just because I’m on tumblr effectively shouting into the void but not replying to your message doesn’t mean I hate u it just means that the thought of talking to anyone in depth is extr...