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1k mine les mis les miserables les amis mylesmis I MAKE MYSELF SAD poor bbs urgh i dont know what else to tag this as whatever
  • NORMAL PERSON:reads a book, likes it a lot, the end.
  • ME:reads a book, likes it a lot, becomes obsessed, falls madly in love with at least one character, reads every single fan fic known to mankind, devotes countless hours to blogging, talking, and flailing, grossly sobs on the floor at least once per day because of unrequited passion and emotions of OTP, then dies of emotional reaction to it, the end.
when the other person starts flirting first
one piece franky opgraphics more like lame daddy franky with lame dad jokes i dont even know what else to tag this its just so stupid omg but fuck ''that was terrible im asking for a divorce now''
1k mystuff Broadway wicked spring awakening g* kinky boots Newsies i dont know what else to tag this as bway bc i dont wanna tag everything i hope someone hasnt already done something like this
Zayn Malik mystuff zayntmh new tag??? NEW TAG!! tbh i dont know where im going with this i have lots of videos and dont know what to do with them so zayntmh2013
While tumblr is bickering over whatever at the moment,  the government of Slovakia has approved a change in the constitution: MARRIAGE ONLY BETWEEN ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN, NOW IN THE FUCKING *CONSTITUTION* OF THE COUNTRY. In case anybody ever wanted to try legalizing gay marriage here.  So that the...
star wars LOTR dumbledore Katniss star trek fandoms narnia i dont even know what fandom to tag this with
hat art fashion white black green space line Sketch reblog doodle simple alien aesthetic i want to believe i dont know what else to tag this quinnsart
my gifs julia stiles 90s internet ?? ? I guess? i dont know what to tag this as
“stop shipping real people!” they cry“no” i respond, packing one more person into a box and sealing it shut. this one goes to fedex in the morning.
1k doctor who eleventh doctor TARDIS idris gif* dwedit idk how else to tag this i dont know how i feel about this coloring
assassin's creed acu ACedit acedits Assassin's Creed Unity HOLY UDKCING SHIT GUYS GUGYS YALL NEED TO SEE THIS I DONT KNOW WHAT ELSE TO TAG???
my favorite type of people on tumblr people who tag their asks/replies with your url people who tag what they post (if they’re multifandom) people who tag their spoilers people who tag all the shit i don’t like people who use tags the right way  people who tag nice things about your edit...
maybe instead of complaining “not all men are like that” you should be saying “too many men are like that” because when you say not all men are like that what you’re telling us is that you care more about your feelings than you do about our safety  and that’s some...
wolf lmao Merlin myfails arthur's bane i dont even know what to tag this as
homestuck what am i doing with my life i dont even know what to tag this as uncomfortablestuck did you guys know 11/12 times lipstick models wont smile?
1k * the hobbit ok bye Bilbo Thorin hobbitedit hobbit crack tolkienedit minetolkien howlingsoldier vislon richardarmitakeme visnja i thought u might enjoy this sldjldhs dildO TEABAGGINS ??? idk what else to tag this as okay bye bruh whenever i watch this w kourtney this is exactly what we say jfc dont watch movies with ari 2k15
me ... i dont i dont know what to tag