• i feel they are still too many •
oscar wilde Valentine charlie i limited myself to three wilde puns i feel they are still too many hehe whoops
April Fools Day lets too many people think they are funny so I don't support that
I don’t give a fuck if this is a PETA video. Nobody ev...
mine lord of the rings graphics LOTR Tolkien eowyn arwen galadriel lotredit tolkienedit i honestly feel so bad for not having tauriel in here but i couldn't find a good cap Dx they are all too red or the background too dark alskdfjalksd;fj BUT I SWEAR SHE'S STILL A QUEEN I JUST SUCK AT FINDING CAPS ladies of middle-earth
1k jgifs flawless people but well so yeah emilia clarke lena headey sophie turner got cast gotedit gotcastedit Pedro Pascal gameofthronesdaily maisie wiiliams i'm sorry i didn't put everyone they are too many iwanted to put richard and michelle too but they are no longer part of the cast
My art ugh i just Fay THE CATERPILLARS DONT MATCH UP WITH THE BUTTERFLIES im sorry i realized it too late god i think i forgot how to draw at all Lmm AO sobs IVE STARTED SO MANY PICS BUT THEY RE SJUT NOT TURNING OUT RIGHT RUNS INTO A BOOK in other news i cleaned my room today so YAY ive ben so artblocked lately sigh maybe im puttign too much pressure on myself LOL i should just post my doodles too I feel like i need to .. post proper drawings or something not that ive been posting rpoper drawings h HHAAHA DIES IN A HIOLE IM THIRSTY BUT I DONT WNAT TO GET UP
casual reminder that the last thing arthur saw was merlin and the last thing he heard was merlin’s voice and the last thing he felt was merlin’s arms wrapped around him
cutie Seungri my gifs* ilu lee seunghyun
art Haikyuu!! Karasuno nekoma fukurodani seijou yams has freckles noya's and oikawa's are permanently injured becAUSE THEY WORK TOO HARD lev's everything is Too Long kenma has that typical gamer wrist aone is just a huge bear idk i just....love....hands.....
otp FOREVER ALONE andrea russett too many feels Kian Lawley Kiandrea
drawing they make me feel like i'm alright at art things am i drawing too many cute animals though
taeyang bigbang bae i laughed so much at this mybigbangedit Bae:gifs -is /real/ (hello i am tumblr user seungripls and im not actually an adult i am actually 12 years old) a minute of silence for all the poor MCs all around the world who have had to pretend to understand and pronounce $waggy american slang in all its forms (-but that poor dog's permanent face in the corner lmfao) (he looks so unamused and hopeless) (like this has happened too many times to him those eyes… they are the eyes of a survivor… *whispering* this dog has /heard/ things) (…and by things i mean all the possible versions of his name under the sun) (i feel you Homie - i've been there too)
1k ron weasley harry potter order of the phoenix film Hermione Granger MY EDIT Picspam ootp POA prisoner of azkaban dh deathly hallows hp hbp Half Blood Prince hpedit i spent too long on this and i still feel it looks like shit
kate winslet leonardo dicaprio oscars leo and kate but look how cute they are Oscars 2016 i am such trash right now there are way too many emotions for me to handle
Captain America skye hydra agents of shield grant ward Daisy Johnson show: agents of shield character: daisy johnson actor: chloe bennet character: grant ward actor: brett dalton xtp: i'm still happy I shot you it's all in my file
exo exo m but still Luhan my gifs: exo Kris krishan lukris i like how they squat to give the posters to the fan so they're at eye level kinda kris is still kinda too tall i feel like iit's more personal
[aggressively prays for a season two of Free!]
Here’s what I actually need from this band right now.
Authenticity. Maybe they’re tweeting for real, maybe they aren’t. But right now, what I need from this band, is authenticity. So videos or I don’t care what they say. I need them to say it to my face.Unity. Literally the last thing this band needed to do last night was have ¾ fly to Johannesb...
Nothing is more obnoxious than ex Homestuck fans being dicks to people who like Homestuck