• i felt inspired to make this after our little twitter convo so here •
1k mine mine:others jonathan strange and mr norrell jonathan strange & mr norrell perioddramaedit jsamn jsamnedit bethgreenesgirlgang i felt inspired to make this after our little twitter convo so here mine:jsamn
HERE WE GO shingeki no kyojin attack on titan snk spoilers Annie Leonhart Annie Leonhardt edit: snk i was listening to this song on the way home from work and felt inspired i NEVER make graphics so uh
Nick: What’s been your favorite moment of One Direction and Radio 1 having a night out together?  Tina: It’s… it’s hard… Oh I know, behind the scenes access to Harry’s dressing room! That was good.Nick: Oh yeah. Talk to me about that dressing room.Tina: That was the highlight. It was weird. It wasn’...
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hayley williams paramore yelyahwilliams pmore Paramore GIF hayley nichole williams paramoreedit prmr hayley williams edit hwedit hayley williams note
I Write Sins Not Dolphin Noises
I felt inspired to make this
skyward sword link comic nintendo the legend of zelda princess zelda zelink long post su reference
bts gifeu Bangtan and here it is jungkook jeon jungkook i'm so sorry T^T OTL i only had an hour to make something up i originally had nothing but i felt bad because it's kookie little gumdrop kookie so i just thought of shit bdaygfx
the infernal devices Bazinga Tessa Gray lee TID ...... sighsighsigh TIDedit tessagray please excuse me i acutally have n o i d e a what this focuses on at all i really wanted to make a tessa graphic after the convo annie and i had about how fibbity fab fab she is urgh she deserves so much tessa can i marry you please oh my download is finnished sheldon is wating for me and she returns 69 years after to publish it hvd!
MY EDIT supernatural castiel spn oh well Here you go spnedit castieledit casedit i found these cool gold wings by mom had for crafting and i felt inspired to make a cas edit i need to get better at editing
1k gifs my gifs otp Ziam ours I WANT TO CRY otp: I thought it was me and you im so sorry about this i just need to let out this energy before school thats why i made this but enjoy??? its hard and fun making this need to filter a lot of thing and i still forgot some important ones i dont even have to invent stuffs coz they make their own little bubbles also if theres like some mistakes here i apologize i forgot lots of things anyways yeah lets have a great year i still hate the tumblr size so this may look bad i need to shut up 2k15 otp: i'll stay with you
Just imagine that Cas stays with Sam and Dean for years, saving people, hunting things, and it goes on and on. He makes memories, in diners in backwater towns, in big wide parks hunting monsters, in the back of the Impala- his new home. But time rolls on, and Dean dies, and Sam dies, and Cas is stil...
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my gifs mine star trek tos startrekedit trekedit trekedits tosedit I felt a deep need to make this gif set after I heard he passed my heart is in so much pain rn and I had to put that pain somewhere
FMA Fullmetal Alchemist alphonse elric Trisha Elric fmab chingifs:fma edlward elric ..............................after so long of not doing ps activities i forgot 85% of what i learned lmao also i felt this was my obligation to make hehehehehehe happy sadsad photoset
mine bbs parks and recreation 5k leslie knope ann perkins otp: let's invent our own secret language parksedit i felt the need to make this set just so i could use this caption
gif mine 2010 onew shinee ha gifset onguns original intended post was this not the big 'un the big ugly 'un these are still pretty ugly because I suck at making nice clean gifs from crappy quality video I suppose I could make a few practice gifs to figure out the right method but that would take time effort and motivation onpecs onbeautifulfuckingpaleskinonchestandarmsandcutesmileandeverything inspired to make after seeing how damned gorgeous he looked in onewshi.tumblr.com//post/72709897572/ little did I know there was chest-uncovered-arms-uncovered jinki to come later in the other parts of the video