• i had to make this omg •
gif disney gravity falls the quality of the video wasn't very high but I had to make this gif omg
BSHCI visitor badge for all your hannibal cosplay needs
jennifer lawrence This was fun to make because I got to put all my favorite jen pictures together even if it made no sense But it took so long to finish because I honestly had no idea what I was doing omg
1k iu ;u; Lee Jieun iugifs red shoes nrnedits jang kiyong i had to gif this first bc omg so precious and cute i wanted to make this in color but....
mine sherlock holmes bbc sherlock asa butterfield ah well hamish parentlock omg i've been meaning to make this for ages and i had all the gifs saved ready i just couldn't be bothered to resize them done it now
edit ookiku furikabutte appreciation post god i love you oedit mihashi ren i had way to much fun while making this i want to make more omg XD
mine food chocolate cake i had to make one of these omg just look at all of it just omg
harry potter myedits dh hp hpedit hpnostalgia omg guys i'm so sorry for this edit but THIS SONG; I HAD TO MAKE SOMETHING
edits omg game of thrones this took me forever take ps away from me graphic2 gotedit i don't even know if i like it ellaria sand Oberyn Martell but i had to make a martell thing
ashley benson pretty little liars hanna marin Janel Parrish Mona vanderwaal I DON'T THINK YOU UNDESTAND HOW BADLY THIS HURT TO MAKE OMG BUT I HAD THE IDEA AND I COULDN'T NOT hanna x mona [mar12]
otp ok 5h lauren jauregui fifth harmony the vamps bradley simpson i had to make this omg laurad brauren i really hope something happens but i doubt it cause hes leaving soon:(
mine edit superhusbands Stony i've been wanting to do this for months but i had to like make the sky myself omg
photoset mygifs pierce the veil vic fuentes pg omg this took forever cos i've got like 100mb left on my laptop so i had to do it carefully ok OMG PLUS I MADE AN EXTRA GIF BY ACCIDENT had to make this bc this is my favourite ptv song
1k doctor who eleventh doctor karen gillan matt smith Arthur Darvill Rory Williams Alex Kingston mine[3] dw[1] river song But whatever omg i managed to upload it omg omg i had to make it kinda ugly it's working
* glee Darren Criss blaine anderson i literally cannot Matt Bomer cooper anderson i had to make my own set i'm so out of practice omg it took forever
*** jennifer lawrence Josh Hutcherson this is horrible quality but i had to gif it omg
omg queue e zm ok I'll stop i dont make sense omg took me forever to get rid of the water mark????????????????????????????????? and it still looks bad I had to get rid of his thumb because it looked really weird so now I made it look like he's about to punch somone
so basically calliope and uu are totally like yugi and yami right ?