• i have a lot of amanda grayson feelings lately •
i bet EVERY SINGLE TIME spock contacted his mum during the five-year mission she’d ask like 2 questions about the mission and like 600 with another theme in mind: "so how is captain kirk doingy’knowjimthat lovely blond boy with the quite nice a—””yes mother i am aware a...
by me les mis les miserables how do you face aaron tveit Enjolras i don't even know why i have a lot of feelings because of this song lately
and on the 8th day God created Dean Winchester and from the back of the room a deep voice shouted DIBS
do you ever just like a person so much for who they are not even necessarily in a romantic sense but you just really appreciate how great they are and it’s almost embarrassing how much you want them to be happy and u just kinda
mine star wars Princess Leia Han Solo leia organa i love this scene so much han x leia sw edit FYSW megna mine SW otp i know i just have a lot of star wars feelings lately sorry i'm not sorry for the excessive amount of star wars i'm probably going to be posting
disney animated fan art doodles digital Marvel Big Hero 6 bh6 baymax i've been watching a lot of movies lately have you noticed been getting a lot of scene points too heh
supernatural dean winchester castiel gif4 sorry i have a lot of feelings here have my heart
m musical Rent Idina Menzel Rosario Dawson Wilson Jermaine Heredia Adam Pascal i have a lot of rent feelings lately
Minerva McGonagall never had children, but she helped first years find their way. Minerva McGonagall never had children, but she pursed her lips in just the right way when second years tripped over each other in the halls—and escorted them to the Infirmary besides. Minerva McGonagall never had child...
1k * LBD i have a lot of feelings the lizzie bennet diaries
The thing that hurts the most about Richard Griffiths passing away is the realization that most of us will probably outlive Jo Rowling and most of the HP cast. We’ll wake up one day, a day like any other, and hear about the death of a person that is practically immortal in our memory. Someone ...
  • John Green:Let me tell you a story about how you got your name.
  • Alice/Eleanor:Dad, I already know th-
  • John Green:So we asked the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES,
  • Alice/Eleanor:You've told me this five hun-
  • John Green:THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, BARACK OBAMA. We asked him what we should name you-
  • Alice/Eleanor:Dad, please.
  • Alice/Eleanor:Can I have some money now?
  • ...
! good morning i just have a lot of feelings
Misfits simon bellamy Antonia Thomas psychobilly I have a lot of feelings about this scene
imagine earthbenders in the desert glassbending thoughit would be the same premise as lavabending, where the earthbender in question would need fire nation genes in order to do it, but it would be superheated sand instead of lavaearth kingdom castles made out of desert glass
okay though just picture for a moment when MCU!Natasha starts having fans, when MCU!Natasha starts having little girl fans who are all “I want to be as awesome as Black Widow” and just picture Tony or Clint sending her links to photos of parents with their daughters dressed up as Black W...
Avocado culture is 50billion times better than bacon culture.
mine ilhoon fml BTOB misc k born to beat i've had a lot of ilhoon feelings lately bc idk why but he's a little shit ruining my life
sherlock holmes jude law john watson robert downey jr my gifs3 i've just been having a lot of holmes/watson feelings lately ok