• i have issues •
reasons why i have trust issues
do you ever just feel so awkward when you buy something and pay in cash and the cashier gives you the change back but you take a few seconds to put the money in your wallet and you can feel the world judging you from afar 
  • me reading:this character is going to die. isn't he.
  • the author:
  • me reading:I can't care about this character. I can't care about him as much as I want to because he's going to die
  • the author:
  • me reading:I can tell you're writing him like he's going to die, author
  • the author:
  • me reading:I'm not falling for this.
  • the author:
  • ...
Things I violently whisper while practicing: Fuck What the shit Motherfucking shit Jesus Why Are you shitting me Fuck me sideways why the hell did I not notice that before I’m okay No, I’m not Jesus Christ why the flying fuck *infuriated noises*
my gif 1k captain hook Captain Swan killian jones ouatedit hookedit 3.17 the jolly roger i have issues with his expression in the last gif huge issues ok
Do you have that one person in the fandom that literally everything they do makes you want to slam your face into a wall because they are so rude and everyone else loves them but you just want to go to their house break their computer  and whisper stop
issues i have with the children’s tv show franklin
all of franklin’s friends have names like “bear” and “owl” but franklin’s name is franklin.all of franklin’s friends parents have names like “mr. otter” and “mrs. otter.” does that mean that otter’s name is otter otter?bear has a sister named beatrice bear which means that bears name is definitely b...
** *** MY EDIT Picspam ss ?? Teen Wolf idk what to tag this as i have issues 3x18 stiles stilinski that face tho Riddled cant see that shit in pain but i can see it evil extreme issues to be more clear
doctor who mine TARDIS mine: gif mine: doctor who dwedit day of the doctor i hate my tag but i also have trust issues
doctor who merchandise sonic screwdriver i have issues sonic sunday i totally forgot river's sonic D: whoops
I got trust issues because people got lying issues.
Harry Styles edit arm porn i have issues help?????? ond direction
mine *** ace luffy ASL sabo portgas d. ace Monkey D. Luffy dadan opgraphics i have so many issues w/ this colouring but ugh w/e
super junior exo jaesus exo k shindong sehun sehun u sUCK i have quality issues
LOL funny haha believe :D hilarious signs Spiderman pun bill hehe puns hi Flame i have no life punny i have issues I have a problem cent b leaf dark spiderman
exo yixing