• i hope she says that so badly •
"Someone says that the shooting contents is that Kai and Luhan falls in love with the girl at the sa...
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Jensen Ackles danneel harris danneel ackles *.* danneeledit my gifs: danneel ackles i think its so fucking adorable when she says the cameraman as well to take attention away from the fact she said Jensen Also that fucking smirk in the third one event:09 65000plus Maxim hot 100 red carpet interview event:maximhot100 interview: maxim 2009
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my edits mine 1x02 Stiles Teen Wolf TW 1.02 stiles stilinski derek hale 500plus Sterek second chance at first line they are both so attractive that if I didn't want them together so badly I'd want them to be with me okay thank
life inspirational hope
ugh spn Jo Harvelle abandon all hope spn edit spnedit 5.10 every edit the way she looked at dean i miss season 5
film disney okay i'm done wreck it ralph Wreck-It Ralph vanellope von schweetz I just rewatched this scene and got all teary eyed It meant SO much to her like ralph is like i'm sorry yo this thing is ugly and Vanellope is like it's beautiful omg and she can't believe she can finally live her dream her goal everything she wants and ralph is actually shocked that she likes it and appreciates it cuz so far she's seemed bratty and yet she appreciates something he saw as ugly and she calls it a work of art and her freaking out makes him realize how much all this means to her and ralph is so down on himself and she's bringing out the best and hope within him i have so many wreck it ralph feels okay
edits books john green looking for alaska I cry
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my mom’s argument against piracy is “well what if you wrote a book and one person bought it and then hundreds of people got to read it for free and you didn’t make any money!” MOTHER YOU HAVE JUST DESCRIBED LIBRARIES
coachella childish gambino wish i was there so badly uGH
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I am still not over that whimpering scene Because I can’t think of a single time in any of these 8 seasons where Dean sounded like that. That wasn’t just begging or pleading, that was the voice of a five year old boy practically sobbing with his last breath. This is coming from a man who...
amy pond karen gillan river song *mine dwedit river song edit I don't think enough attention is paid to how River's screwed up timeline affects her relationship with her parents she grows up with them and can't tell them who she is and then they reunite in a way  before they start forgetting her again and the woman who gave birth to her  and who was her best friend during childhood  asks 'who is she?' and River says 'you're funny like that'  as if it's a personality quirk and not the tragedy that is her life
USWNT hope solo 2012 olympic games uswnt* gold medal match was just going to make that one gifset today but then i felt like she deserved this
supernatural Jensen Ackles dean *g spnedit jo says that i need to post more my stuff i'm gonna try but i'm so lazy but i will okay
lana del rey asap rocky
gifsets gillian jacobs best humans ladies i love ew emotions!!!!! she is so empathetic :') the way she pauses to look into the camera 'i was lonely too.'