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One Direction idek but true lol sorry i had to this is just
don’t ever ridicule someone for being obsessed with a band, a group, or an artist because despite as weird, annoying, or ridiculous as it may seem, those artists are possibly the reason they are still here today
LOL tvxq yunho i'm sorry
We just have to (…) seek warmth in the knowledge that Harry is probably comforting Louis right now, in the way only a lover can comfor...
me LOL food yum banana quality i just had to take a picture of it
gif LOL funny spongebob spongebob squarepants doodlebob im sorry i just had to.. me hoy minoy ME NOY NOYY
gif LOL tumblr twitter anonymous spongebob spongebob squarepants facebook patrick patrick star anon prehibernation week henwyly I just had to make this. WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE
LOL parks and recreation mine 2 aubrey plaza i just had to april ludgate jim o'heir jerry gergich mine par dammit jerry
Definition of cold
+18° C – on Hawaii they take two blankets.+10° C – in buildings in Helsinki they turn off cooling.+2° C – Italian cars can’t start.0° C – water is freezing.-1° C – you can see your breath. Russians are eating ice-cream and drinking cold beer.-4° C – your dog is getting in your bed.-10° C – Fre...
game of thrones edit1 daenerys targaryen edit: game of thrones drogon gotgifset khaleeeesi everyone's using the same quote lol ahh i just had to make something tho
LOL screencap kdrama e so ji sub master's sun masters sun i just had to sorry
my edits taylor swift grammys i just had to lol tswiftedit ALKSDJFLAKSDJF
* the vampire diaries sorry caroline forbes klaroline klaus x caroline klaus mikaelson i saw emilie's sidebar and i just had to make this lol i'm trying to hard not to fall in love with these two but I JUST !!!!!!
i had to i had to do this i just found this and j ust
  • Gary:Josh... I'm sorry but I won't be directing Catching Fire.
  • Josh:
  • Josh:
  • Josh:
  • Josh:
  • Josh:So when are we shooting the beach scene?
  • Gary:Josh I just told you I--
  • Josh:So... tomorrow?
  • ...
shinee lol im sorry i had to idk
gif Friday obligatory Bob's Burgers gene belcher bobsburgersedit i'm just not allowed to reblog this to tb since it's been subtitled there LOL it's been 84 years since i had a day-specific post my crops are going to start flourishing once again
Niall’s into collecting pens, that’s actually one of his hobbies he collects good, nice pens.
kdrama *s I SHIP lee jong suk ep11 Park hoon KCgifs choi jung woo doctor stranger Moon Hyung Wook HoonMoon couple this scene so cute I just had to gif it lol