• i just love how this turned out so much •
homestuck John Egbert Karkat karkat vantas yeah!!!!!!!! homesculpt Feeling modestly proud over how this photo turned out! John looks ten times better than in real life. Hashtag secrect I'm not too happy how John turned out I COULD HAVE DONE BETTER The Pogo Hammer turned out bitchin' FYI
* *gif Now You See Me do you know how long this took i am so glad just to publish it jesus i love this movie so much jesus
sprite edit dangan ronpa celestia ludenberg honestly i think beta celes' hair isn't quite this red but it just turned out so pretty so i kept it wee woo wee i love her hair like this so mu c h beta celestia
1k my edits how i met your mother Robin Scherbatsky favorite characters mine: how I met your mother but sigh i am so not satisfied with how this turned out because 5 of these gifs didn't wanna upload at first tumblr was being stupid so i had to make them less colorful idk if you can notice but robin is in my top 3 characters and i wanted this to be so much better i love you bby girl p.s. stupid quote but whatever oh my god i just realized that almost all these gifs include drunk robin or robin drinking omg
? Single ? Taken ? Dead because Tom Hiddleston is the sweetest man and the brightest soul that ever ...
mass effect Normandy wow this turned out much uglier than I thought I can't seem to draw decently these days
my gif tangled brave how to train your dragon success rise of the guardians rise of the brave tangled dragons gifseries: the big four so at first I had this as five different gifs but for the sake of having thm all timed just right I turned this into a 2-gif photoset I spent way too much time in this
mine naruto naruto shippuden naruto uzumaki naruto gif uzumaki Uzumaki Naruto i love how this one turned out the naruto psds i have are amazing
1k * edits perrie edwards little mix perrie ok i really love how this turned out oh my god *pats myself on the back*
1k * mygifs lord of the rings LOTR Frodo Baggins Elijah Wood I really love how this turned out
mygifs Melodic Hardcore witness Counterparts I love how this turned out fucking hell!!
doctor who clara oswin clara oswin oswald this is just from two episodes that's how perfect she is there's so much clara lately no one will reblog this but i love her so much god idk
screenprinting instagraaaaaaaam
my gifs how to train your dragon 5000 sorry not sorry i love this scene so much and i couldn't cut out anything so the set would be smaller
* supernatural Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki dean x sam ep: Faith spngifs* I love this scene so much wow Sam's so urgent but so gentle I just want to cry (awkward how he's running in the first gif but not the second though) gosh what a perfect jog though :(
gifs i love you exo Kai exo k bb so much please rest a lot :(((( im not good with words so just accept my feelings kk
~ cory monteith my sweet angel i haven't opened photoshop in so many days but i just needed to get this out of my system idk if i'll ever be able to edit pics of him anymore i love you so much cory
mine book books um so like how do i tag this yup that's about it god i just love books so much okay bye